Monday, 10 December 2012

Painting Again

It feels good to return to the studio (well... home!) for Christmas, where I can finally paint again. This Dreamer medallion I recently acquired by Becky Turner I started first for just half an hour or so, I have been debating colours and dapple grey won in the end. I haven't finished the colour entirely and the background and other details are still to be done, but I had to share this photo so far.
I shall finish him off as soon as possible. I am thinking wacky greens and purples for the background!



  1. He looks great! Greens and purples will set him off. Can't wait to see him finished :D

    1. Thank you, I have to admit that purple and green is one of my most favourite combinations! I would have finished him by now but we have the thickest frost and because we had fog all day yesterday it didn't disappear, too cold for my paints... :(