Saturday, 1 December 2012

Progress on the Sculpting bench

Bailadito has had no progress whatsoever, so he doesn't really deserve a mention in this blog post at all. He is progressing at a walking pace.

Hamlet, however, is trotting along quite nicely, although there are still lots of things to do with him.

On his offside, he needs an eye, a nose...

He also needs general sanding and filling here and there.

His hooves are also a bit of a mess.

One sculpture that is finished though, is a tile medallion for my series. He is known as Fuego and is a fiery andalusian stallion who has had less grumpy days!

Another medallion for this series has been started on, but is a long way from completion. Meet April and May... Hopefully they will be complete by the time those months come around!



  1. *continues to make grabby hands at Hamlet*

    1. I really can't wait for him to be done but there are so many things bugging me with him right now, I need to get the dremel on him and I just want him finished!