Saturday, 12 January 2013

First two Customs of 2013

These two actually had their main colours done, they were just lacking the details and so whilst I am at home for a flying visit this weekend, I thought I could quickly finish them! I am pleased with how they turned out and I have to say that the Lady Phase model has really grown on me, her overall expression I just find so sweet.

I painted her to a dappled dun with some white, so she can effectively pass as a Paint horse. I am especially proud of her colouring because I do find duns and palomino horses difficult to do, and she turned out extra nice - especially because of the dapples!

I also redid her mane and gave her new ears, so this model isn't in the best of moods but she looks like she could be happily relaxed in a pasture with her pals.

The second repaint is Breyer's Classic Arabian. Again, I actually like the model a lot, although not as much as Lady Phase. I was itching to paint something very dappley (as you can tell, I have been in a big dappling mood over these past few weeks!) and so she was my next victim.

Both will be shown in March at Yvonne's Southern Roundup and then I will think about selling them along with some others, although they might not sell until the end of the year if I go to BMECS!


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