Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Some of you are aware that last Tuesday was my birthday, on the 22nd. I had a wonderful time surrounded by my friends, it was most definitely without a doubt one of the best birthdays I have had in years, since my 16th, to be exact! I shared it with my friend at university who has it on the very same day as me and is such a good friend of mine, we both really enjoyed ourselves.

Some of you may also be aware that I was after a Julip CJP pony for a very, very long time. I collect the odd julip as I find them so adorable, and when a CJP I saw had come up for sale I immediately jumped at the chance, and my Dad went halves with me for my birthday present. I was thrilled! So meet Jacob:

I will get more photos this weekend for when I return home, when he also encounters his new friends. I also got the new Nikon 1 camera (and I LOVE it!) so expect some lovely photos to come your way. I will be able to snap better photos of some of my customs too no doubt, so I will probably update my website a bit with some photos, which will be nice. I will be sure to share with you some of my favourites on here though as well.

I am hoping to put some paint on my Obrigado resin too! He is sitting in my studio fully prepped, I am itching to put paint on him! The weather better stay 'warm' (it certainly feels like summer here after the sub-zero temperatures and snow recently!)