Sunday, 27 January 2013

Stablemate Victims

I won some stablemate model horses on eBay last week and they have arrived. I will be visiting home next weekend and that is where my heat gun is, so I shall soon be mangling these ponies up! I can then take them back to university with me where I can slowly work on them with my apoxie. These are my ideas for these models, hopefully the majority of them will work out!

. First of all, this Belgian. Not too much is going to happen with this guy but I am thinking about lowering the front leg a bit and then giving him loads of hair to make him into a large, feathery animal.

This jumper won't be so drastic either, I just want him to be in more of a bascule position with his head and neck, as if he is really trying over his fence. I am planning on redoing the tail as well.

This peruvian paso will be a lot more drastic if I can pull it off! I am wondering if I can alter him so he is in a semi-rear, although this will be tricky and his hips will have to be altered.

I want to lower this one's head and paint this QH a strawberry roan.

This andalusian is on his feet for a reason! I am going to see if I can straighten his body and then alter his legs as if he is performing the Spanish walk, although I don't find him particularly andalusian-like. So perhaps I will straighten his body and make him 'dance'.

I want to straighten this G2 Morgan as well, but only his neck. I want to lower his head too so it is as if he is performing the piaffe, but I may put the front leg forward and make him into a spanish trotting andalusian. There are so many possibilities!

I will make this one into an arabian (I have had this idea for years!) as I will also straighten this one's neck and dish the face out some.

I am not entirely sure what I want to do with these two thoroughbreds, but one of them I want to rest the leg and turn his head as if he is resting in the field, but perhaps he is curious about something. As for the other one, I might lift his head some and re-do his ears as if he is angry? Then I could re do the tail and make it swish.

These two foals will have their heads turned slightly, just to make them more unique!

I have a lot of projects ahead of me, it seems! I feel ready to do this after the stablemates I completed back in the summer.


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