Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Painted pictures of Bailadito

Yep, you read right!!

So excited to share these with you!

Before I do some work and tooter off to bed, just a small announcement to say here that he will be open for orders from March 1st 2013, which is this Friday. I will work on his page and get it ready so people can purchase him through there with an online Paypal button, and I will announce it on my Facebook and on this blog too, and on the MHL forum.



Saturday, 23 February 2013

Creating Bailadito

I just finished this video on how Bailadito was made. It was made using a load of images of him that have been collected over the years of me sculpting him. I am pleased with how the video turned out, the music I used has been recently inspiring me (Hans Zimmer always comes into my life at the right moments!) and I find that the climaxes in the song and changes in tune fit in with the storyline quite well.

Apologies if you are unable to view this video, I think it is because of copyright reasons on the music I chose. But you have seen all of the images before no doubt! You guys are probably sick to the back teeth of Bailadito and I am making it worse for you lot, haha!

Youtube link


Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Off for clothes

Bailadito was sent to Deb Brown this morning. As soon as he has been painted and I have photos he will be available to order. I can't wait for his release and I hope everyone likes him!

Just thought I would share this photo from Sunday!


Sunday, 17 February 2013

Improving Hamlet

I posted about my Hamlet sculpture onto the Model Horse Love forum after I sent Bailadito off to the casters, to see what needed to be improved on him and what other people thought about him in general. I had altered some hoof angles on him and gave him new ears as a start and wished to hear other people's opinions.

On this photo, it was very apparent that he lacked serious movement in his hind leg and one of my friends drew this on really effectively. They also helped with the near shoulder which I was having trouble with previously.

I then received further help still by a really talented sculptor, who completely edited Hamlet on photoshop with bonier legs, more muscling definition and help in places and a slightly raised headset. I find the picture so incredibly helpful and it will no doubt aid me greatly when it comes to working on Hamlet again.

I have also been recommended the book 'Modelling and Sculpting Animals by Edouard Lanteri' and so I have purchased it and I can't wait to look at it and share what I learn from it.

I have a lot of work at university and it is only going to get worse unfortunately but I aim to work on him in revision breaks during Easter whilst I am studying for my exams, once Bailadito is out of the way!

Speaking of Bailadito, the response to him has been very lifting for me indeed, and I would like to thank you all yet again!! I will be sending the first casting out on Monday and he will be painted really quick. Horsing Around have done a wonderful job on the castings, the clean-up work is so incredibly minimal, and he looks so good and professional now that he is one colour and not three shades of grey (not quite fifty!!)

Sorry, bad joke... ;-)


Saturday, 16 February 2013

Bailadito in White Resin

He is beautiful! So beautiful in white resin! I am so excited about his release now. I will send this copy off to Deb on Monday.

Here is a size comparison photo, to demonstrate that he is true stablemate scale.


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Bailadito Update

I have so much to share with you regarding Bailadito!

He was well received at the casters and now, as we speak, one of the first castings is currently on route to me for me to check over, clean up and I will be able to show you pictures of what he will look like in the resin and unpainted. Deb Brown as also agreed to paint one for me, so this casting in particular will be then sent out again with more prepwork done to her for some clothes. I haven't disclosed the colour I want to have him have I? I might have done somewhere, but if you don't know, you are going to have to wait now! Don't worry, there are only so many horse colours in the world...

The even better news is that there is an incredibly strong chance that he will be making his debut at my friend Rach's live show, Midlands Winter Live, on March 2nd 2013. This is in around three weeks time and I am very excited, it will be my first show of the year and the first one since September. I will also hopefully have my Bailadito sculpture with me. If it goes to plan I will also hopefully have some Bailaditos to sell there too for people, so they don't have to order one and pay postage and wait for the mail, they will just be able to see him in person and pick him up on the day.

So yes, incredibly exciting for me and hopefully somewhat for you!

Before I go, my friend did this picture on the computer of what she wants to paint her copy. He would look AMAZING in this colour, don't you think?


Monday, 11 February 2013

Andalusian WIP

I haven't done much work on him in the past week, all of that has been done to him I did about five days ago now. I do plan on working on him some more soon but work is starting to get on top of me and this week especially is going to be horrible! But I do have these pictures to share.

I still need to work onh his legs more and give him better ears, and then he will have a luscious tail. Still completely stumped colour-wise!

At least he is slowly (but surely!) progressing.


Sunday, 10 February 2013

Obrigado WIP

Last weekend I put some paint on my Obrigado. Because of the cold weather, the paints weren't as fluid and so I think it was blocking my airbrush slightly and it was giving me problems. I sure can't wait for the weather to warm up, although I heard on the News this morning that more snow is due for much of the UK... Let us see what happens!


Saturday, 9 February 2013

Hi From Germany

A really lovely lady called Sabine recently bought two models I have painted, my CollectA Shire mare and my mini Cromwell resin. I just received these two photos from her, and they really make the models I painted stand out!

They are also to enter their first show out there in May, I am excited to hear how they do!

If you have any photos of my models that I have painted, I would love to see! It is always nice to know that my horses are going to such lovely homes. :-)


Friday, 8 February 2013

Progress on Ham

Hamlet was on the backburner this weekend as I focussed on finishing Bailadito for the casters. After Bailadito was sent, I pulled out my heat gun when I was murdering my stablemates to see if I could sort out Hamlet's bent hooves and pastern joints. I know that with his resin type, it can be heated and bent (and this has saved me on occasions where my horse has had a warped leg, warm water has always solved it!) but I believe that Animal Artistry resin undergoes a different kind of reaction, and being brittle too you are unable to bend and alter the shape in this way.

Apart from the hind leg on his nearside, I think I have 'corrected' all of the angles. In these photos Ham also has new ears and I have started to carve his face. His eyes are definitely too low down. I still also want to do a bunch of other things including putting more substance and bone to his legs (there isn't much definition there).

I am glad and grateful for all of the support he has, after sorting out his legs (even the front one) I am already so much more happier with him overall and I can definitely see light at the end of the tunnel! No idea what I was thinking before, how could I have cast him in his unfinished state! I guess I need to make sure I am ok in my mind before I make drastic decisions, I have a habit of doing that... Aha!

Light at the end of the tunnel. When I return home next from university I will move that leg back and will continue to work on him. By this point I should have some Bailadito castings in aswell. I knew 2013 would be a good year for me. :-)


Thursday, 7 February 2013

Then and Now

Bailadito has a little bit of history regarding his pose and size. Back in 2007/2008, I started a sculpture that had a very similar pose. His name was otoño, which is Spanish for Autumn, and I worked really hard on him and although I never finished him, he taught me a lot about horse anatomy that I never knew about. I still had (and still do!) have a lot more left to learn...

I found him the other day. He was in my little box of art stuff and paints.

It was just like meeting an old friend! I remember being so proud of him at the time. Right now his front leg has crackled a bit (I used sculpey to sculpt him with and baked it, then I was using apoxie for extra areas) and his back leg has come away but is attached by wire, and you can still force it in place.

In 2011 when I was 18, I decided to start sculpting again and give it another go, to see if I could recreate the perfect little horse I had in my imagination. Now he is done after about 15 months and I couldn't be happier! Here are the two real brothers side by side:

The temptation to just 'fix' otoño where his legs have gone a bit and paint him is tempting, although I think I will leave him as he is, so he is a perfect example of what I achieved back when I was 15 compared to what I am achieving now.


Wednesday, 6 February 2013

More Stablemate Progress

I worked on the stablemate models a little bit more and now I have gone back to university after a long weekend at home. The Quarter Horse mare is the furthest along, she is nearly fully prepped and then painting will begin. I have been told I need to add a nice long mane to her though! Bay roan anyone?

And the other Quarter Horse that I am making into an Arabian is coming along nicely. I need to get the dremel and attack his neck some more as well as then turn him into a girl (I think with his new pose, albeit not changed much, will suit a pretty arabian mare more!)

He also needs ears as well at this point in time!!

The andalusian has come along quite far since I last shared photos. His head is now reattached, the mane and tail gone and his belly hole has been filled. I still need to resculpt some areas but he is progressing nicely, I will be making him into a Lusitano.

and last but not least is the Paso Fino. He is resting in this picture because when I repositioned him, the hind leg closest to the camera ripped slightly and so it lost its strength. This meant I had to re pin it. As his leg wasn't reattached properly, I need to reattach it again, sigh! But I do want to make sure it is strong enough, and this is a dynamic pose. He has had some gaps filled and his bigger tail has been started.

I only brought the andalusian back to university so I will be slowly working on him more over the next few weeks...


Monday, 4 February 2013

Off to the Casters

I have now finished my Bailadito sculpture and he will be en route to Horsing Around to be cast for me this week, hopefully today. These pictures make the model itself look really bad because of the different colours but I will be able to get a picture of one of the first castings in a couple of weeks once his production starts, so I can share better photos.

But for now, Bailadito!


Saturday, 2 February 2013

Lyrical Genius

Newly completed is the Breeds of the World Totilas resin by Breyer that I painted to a liver chestnut. Enjoy!

He will debut at his first live show in exactly one months time!


The first victims

I got my heat gun out this morning as promised and I have some wonderful new horses to show you! Of course all of them need SO much work with the dremel and everything but I have made the simple cuts and changes that I wanted to, so I am happy.

The G3 Andalusian was the first one I did, and unfortunately his head fell off! But I can pop it back on no problem.

His body is straight, his legs have been moved slightly (apart from the raised one) and his head will be fixed in a more downward position.

I did the G2 quarter horse next. I seriously need to fix his top line along with loads of other things!

I then did the G3 QH, this one had the least changes and was the quickest to do!

And this one evidently took the longest. This one was also probably the biggest learning curve, and I am also probably the most happiest with it thus far. He is borrowing the andalusian's head to stand, but hopefully his tail will support more weight as I customise him.

Exciting, no?