Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Bailadito Update

I have so much to share with you regarding Bailadito!

He was well received at the casters and now, as we speak, one of the first castings is currently on route to me for me to check over, clean up and I will be able to show you pictures of what he will look like in the resin and unpainted. Deb Brown as also agreed to paint one for me, so this casting in particular will be then sent out again with more prepwork done to her for some clothes. I haven't disclosed the colour I want to have him have I? I might have done somewhere, but if you don't know, you are going to have to wait now! Don't worry, there are only so many horse colours in the world...

The even better news is that there is an incredibly strong chance that he will be making his debut at my friend Rach's live show, Midlands Winter Live, on March 2nd 2013. This is in around three weeks time and I am very excited, it will be my first show of the year and the first one since September. I will also hopefully have my Bailadito sculpture with me. If it goes to plan I will also hopefully have some Bailaditos to sell there too for people, so they don't have to order one and pay postage and wait for the mail, they will just be able to see him in person and pick him up on the day.

So yes, incredibly exciting for me and hopefully somewhat for you!

Before I go, my friend did this picture on the computer of what she wants to paint her copy. He would look AMAZING in this colour, don't you think?


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