Sunday, 17 February 2013

Improving Hamlet

I posted about my Hamlet sculpture onto the Model Horse Love forum after I sent Bailadito off to the casters, to see what needed to be improved on him and what other people thought about him in general. I had altered some hoof angles on him and gave him new ears as a start and wished to hear other people's opinions.

On this photo, it was very apparent that he lacked serious movement in his hind leg and one of my friends drew this on really effectively. They also helped with the near shoulder which I was having trouble with previously.

I then received further help still by a really talented sculptor, who completely edited Hamlet on photoshop with bonier legs, more muscling definition and help in places and a slightly raised headset. I find the picture so incredibly helpful and it will no doubt aid me greatly when it comes to working on Hamlet again.

I have also been recommended the book 'Modelling and Sculpting Animals by Edouard Lanteri' and so I have purchased it and I can't wait to look at it and share what I learn from it.

I have a lot of work at university and it is only going to get worse unfortunately but I aim to work on him in revision breaks during Easter whilst I am studying for my exams, once Bailadito is out of the way!

Speaking of Bailadito, the response to him has been very lifting for me indeed, and I would like to thank you all yet again!! I will be sending the first casting out on Monday and he will be painted really quick. Horsing Around have done a wonderful job on the castings, the clean-up work is so incredibly minimal, and he looks so good and professional now that he is one colour and not three shades of grey (not quite fifty!!)

Sorry, bad joke... ;-)


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