Wednesday, 6 February 2013

More Stablemate Progress

I worked on the stablemate models a little bit more and now I have gone back to university after a long weekend at home. The Quarter Horse mare is the furthest along, she is nearly fully prepped and then painting will begin. I have been told I need to add a nice long mane to her though! Bay roan anyone?

And the other Quarter Horse that I am making into an Arabian is coming along nicely. I need to get the dremel and attack his neck some more as well as then turn him into a girl (I think with his new pose, albeit not changed much, will suit a pretty arabian mare more!)

He also needs ears as well at this point in time!!

The andalusian has come along quite far since I last shared photos. His head is now reattached, the mane and tail gone and his belly hole has been filled. I still need to resculpt some areas but he is progressing nicely, I will be making him into a Lusitano.

and last but not least is the Paso Fino. He is resting in this picture because when I repositioned him, the hind leg closest to the camera ripped slightly and so it lost its strength. This meant I had to re pin it. As his leg wasn't reattached properly, I need to reattach it again, sigh! But I do want to make sure it is strong enough, and this is a dynamic pose. He has had some gaps filled and his bigger tail has been started.

I only brought the andalusian back to university so I will be slowly working on him more over the next few weeks...


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