Friday, 8 February 2013

Progress on Ham

Hamlet was on the backburner this weekend as I focussed on finishing Bailadito for the casters. After Bailadito was sent, I pulled out my heat gun when I was murdering my stablemates to see if I could sort out Hamlet's bent hooves and pastern joints. I know that with his resin type, it can be heated and bent (and this has saved me on occasions where my horse has had a warped leg, warm water has always solved it!) but I believe that Animal Artistry resin undergoes a different kind of reaction, and being brittle too you are unable to bend and alter the shape in this way.

Apart from the hind leg on his nearside, I think I have 'corrected' all of the angles. In these photos Ham also has new ears and I have started to carve his face. His eyes are definitely too low down. I still also want to do a bunch of other things including putting more substance and bone to his legs (there isn't much definition there).

I am glad and grateful for all of the support he has, after sorting out his legs (even the front one) I am already so much more happier with him overall and I can definitely see light at the end of the tunnel! No idea what I was thinking before, how could I have cast him in his unfinished state! I guess I need to make sure I am ok in my mind before I make drastic decisions, I have a habit of doing that... Aha!

Light at the end of the tunnel. When I return home next from university I will move that leg back and will continue to work on him. By this point I should have some Bailadito castings in aswell. I knew 2013 would be a good year for me. :-)



  1. He's looking awesome Clare!

    I'm not sure if it's his eyes being too low or the round part of his jaw that's too high/small?

    Love those new ears!


    1. Oh yes that is a good point, because the eyes seem in the right place from the front! Will get some references for that. :-)