Saturday, 2 February 2013

The first victims

I got my heat gun out this morning as promised and I have some wonderful new horses to show you! Of course all of them need SO much work with the dremel and everything but I have made the simple cuts and changes that I wanted to, so I am happy.

The G3 Andalusian was the first one I did, and unfortunately his head fell off! But I can pop it back on no problem.

His body is straight, his legs have been moved slightly (apart from the raised one) and his head will be fixed in a more downward position.

I did the G2 quarter horse next. I seriously need to fix his top line along with loads of other things!

I then did the G3 QH, this one had the least changes and was the quickest to do!

And this one evidently took the longest. This one was also probably the biggest learning curve, and I am also probably the most happiest with it thus far. He is borrowing the andalusian's head to stand, but hopefully his tail will support more weight as I customise him.

Exciting, no?


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