Thursday, 7 February 2013

Then and Now

Bailadito has a little bit of history regarding his pose and size. Back in 2007/2008, I started a sculpture that had a very similar pose. His name was otoño, which is Spanish for Autumn, and I worked really hard on him and although I never finished him, he taught me a lot about horse anatomy that I never knew about. I still had (and still do!) have a lot more left to learn...

I found him the other day. He was in my little box of art stuff and paints.

It was just like meeting an old friend! I remember being so proud of him at the time. Right now his front leg has crackled a bit (I used sculpey to sculpt him with and baked it, then I was using apoxie for extra areas) and his back leg has come away but is attached by wire, and you can still force it in place.

In 2011 when I was 18, I decided to start sculpting again and give it another go, to see if I could recreate the perfect little horse I had in my imagination. Now he is done after about 15 months and I couldn't be happier! Here are the two real brothers side by side:

The temptation to just 'fix' otoño where his legs have gone a bit and paint him is tempting, although I think I will leave him as he is, so he is a perfect example of what I achieved back when I was 15 compared to what I am achieving now.


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