Sunday, 31 March 2013

Saturday, 30 March 2013

First Oils

These photos were taken late at night and so are not very good, but I have images of some of my first oil horses. They are all still in progress!

First up is the Breyer resin Arabian, in progress to a bay. More layers are needed but I am pleased with the colour so far.

This stablemate I had customised is in progress to a bay roan. I need to achieve more depth in the roan coat but I like the coverage.

And last but not least is a Bailadito resin in progress. I am trying to paint a silver bay and this one is the most progressed of the three. He has so much more depth in his coat than this photo depicts, which is frustrating but soon when he is finished I shall share fresh pictures.


Friday, 29 March 2013

An Old Face

Now owned by Jackie Radwanski in the UK, this custom Weathergirl by me back in summer 2011 has been through the wars... As far as we can gather, she was sold on a few times after being initially repaired and was found by Jackie herself on eBay as a body! But Jackie has managed to make her look amazing, thank you so much for being able to keep my creation alive despite her trauma!


Monday, 25 March 2013

Marwari in Progress

The response to my competition on Facebook so far has been astounding, I am well on my way to earning another 100 fans now as well with only 5 to go! I want to thank everyone for the support, even though I do this frequently.

Due to the bad weather, I have been unable to paint but that hasn't stopped me from being able to hack! My marwari, who I have now named Mojo, fell as a victim.

He also acquired new ears. They still need to be refined in the last photo.

I am thinking bay tobiano as a colour, and he will be haired.

I have also been wanting to try oil paints for a while now, and today was the day where I bought some and am currently giving them a go. So far so good, I am pleased with how they work, I have a LOAD of horses in the works now and I am waiting for them to dry... Goodness knows how long that will take!! Models include a couple of stablemates, a traditional scaled foal and even a Bailadito. Maybe if all goes to plan my Marwari will be painted in oils too.

The good thing about oils is that I can paint with them indoors, where my airbrush is currently located in the garage and it is too cold for it all to work right now! But the snow is melting... And I need to finish my Obrigado.


Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Todd Medallion

My friend Holly Mason painted this Todd medallion wonderfully, I love the colour she achieved! It makes me happy seeing sculptures I have made appear in colour.

It really wants me to go and paint, but especially after just seeing my exam timetable for the first time about five minutes ago, I need to get cracking and start revising. I have four massive modules that need to be gone over in time for May 8th, where I then finish on the 20th; exactly two months time. All four of my exams are three hours long, it is going to be a long fortnight! I am excited to get this year out of the way though and enjoy the summer (whenever the decent weather comes, that is!)


Sunday, 17 March 2013

Southern Roundup 2013

This show is always held around St. Patricks day, and it is always a fun and relaxed show that ends fairly early in the day, meaning that we can leave early and get back home at a reasonable hour. I missed the performance section as I went to pick my Dad up who likes to attend the shows and we stopped in a nearby cafe for breakfast. As I unpacked my horses, the first Arabian classes were called so I had to get my models out quickly for them to enter their classes!

I unpacked them and displayed them just in time as they did well in their classes.

Classes progressed through the day as I got more and more good placings.

Sabrina didn't like her placing much!

There were some truly beautiful diorama set ups that both me and my Dad were absolutely enamoured with. The detail in them was so brilliant and I have to share!

I found them so inspiring and full of detail and I was lucky enough to purchase a western themed one. I love it!

The Spanish class in the AR section was another highlight of the morning; I entered my Matador resin, my Vincenzo and my newest sculpture Bailadito by Deb Brown. I was so pleased when I saw that my Vincenzo won the class and my Bailadito followed with a 2nd place! Both have qualified for BMECS.

I was so ecstatic! Another gorgeous Vincenzo took third place.

The placings at this show only went up to third place, which made the show slightly more competitive but still good fun!

The day passed and along came the raffle at lunch time where I won a tub of eClairs (yum!) and two DVDs, one of them being The Silver Brumby! I used to watch it all the time when I was younger and got ready for school and I would love to see some episodes again.

After the lunch break I did for some reason start to feel unwell and nauseous but this was for other reasons of my own, but I didn't socialise as much as I would have done and I apologise, I am sure I will see many of you again soon though. But as I was feeling better, I started to take more photos (all photos from the day can be seen on my Facebook page). I entered my Union Jack resin sculpted by Kelly Sealey and he won his class. He then went on to win the Reserve Championship out of all of the foals!

This is now my last show until June time. But other people who own my customs will be showing them and I will hear about them over the next few weeks, it sure is exciting...


Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Another form of art that I enjoy partaking in is photography. I have dabbled in all aspects of art and I really enjoy everything! I was sorting through my photos this morning as I have had a lot build up on my computer and came across this wonderful beach shot I took that I believe was at Castelldefels when I last visited in Barcelona, Spain.

Barcelona is and will always be such a special place to me. I thought I would share this photo as I was just thinking how it would make such a great background for photos! I might use it in the near future.


Sunday, 10 March 2013

Stablemate Updates

These two are a hair's breadth away from being painted.

The quarter horse is still playing on my mind and is saying he wants to be a bay roan, and the arabian has mentioned blood bay to me...

The other stablemates are not too far behind...


Thursday, 7 March 2013

Hamlet Update

I spent a bit of the weekend working on Hamlet's sculpture. I didn't do much, for example I haven't moved the hind leg or head and neck yet, but you can see that I am bulking up his legs. Looks so much better! But I haven't measured the legs yet either, I would rather get them all the same bulkiness first and then sort the measurements out... The front legs are bugging me for sure.


Wednesday, 6 March 2013

More progress on Obrigado

Just some images to share of my latest Eberl resin in progress to a dapple grey. Once the weather warms up and I am at home more he will be done very quickly, it is just because the coldness isn't so good for my airbrush and I am working on him in between being at university! I hope over the Easter break I will be able to complete him in between my study times for my exams in May.

I love this resin, he is so beautiful and the way Eberl catches the realism of the horse is unbelievable. No wonder I own two other traditional sculptures by her!


Tuesday, 5 March 2013

More Stablemates in progress

I bought some more bodies in Stablemate scale when I attended the Midlands Winter Live, and the very next day I was melting them! I have also updated some of the other stablemates I had in progress.

First up, the rearing Paso custom. He now has a mane and I am slowly adding to his tail all the time.

I had to dremel off the previous mane and I like how his new mane is now. He also has a friend on the paso mould, who I am thinking about turning into a welsh pony that is possibly careering around the showjumping arena in a tough jump off!

His off side shoulder is giving me a bit of grief but I am hoping I shall sort it out soon.

I also have the G2 Apaloosa I was working on, who now has a mane after dremelling the neck back and giving it more shape. I think I am finally happy with it. He still needs ears, but clour-wise I am thinking a light fleabitten grey.

Also on my workbench includes a G2 shetland,

The G3 rearing andalusian,

G3 Arabian,

and last but not least this G2 ASB, where currently her two front legs are not attached!


Sunday, 3 March 2013

Midlands Winter Live 2013

The Midlands Winter Live was a good show for me. It was the first time I had ever driven by myself to a live show since passing my driving test; beforehand my Dad used to enjoy the modelling side of things and was always willing to drive me up and meet everyone and see what we were all up to, and he supports my hobby really enthusiastically. However, since passing my test and with my home being based slightly north of him in Hertfordshire, I decided to drive up alone.

I wasn’t alone though. A great childhood friend of mine, Holly, lives in the local town to me and she also collects (and is starting to customise) model horses. I immediately offered to give her a lift to the show up in Melton Mowbray. We had a fantastic time driving up to the show and we found the hall fine (apart from nearly getting lost in our own county!) and driving back was good too.

The show itself was also good. The competition was so tough and because I didn’t have many horses with me (I had no packing materials at home and so had to resort to some bedding materials!) I didn’t obtain any BMECS qualification cards. Holly did though and I am pleased for her, if I attend this year and she can’t make it I could always show her models for her. However, there is a slight chance I won’t be able to go…

But let’s not dwell on that for now! At the show I saw some new and exciting models that are in the 2013 range of newbies! These included the CollectA Shetland,

The CollectA Dartmoor,

And of course, the new Breyer Marwari.

The Marwari actually had really nice paintwork, I have seen some horror stories on the internet where the paintwork has been awful around the tail and mane, yet this one was nice. I am unfortunately unaware of how this model placed but hopefully you will enjoy these pictures I have shared.

I also loved this CollectA Fjord foal, that earned the overall CTF Champion!

I cannot wait to get my mitts on the CollectA models! The temptation to order them from MPV in Germany is high yet I should still wait until they become available in the UK instead.

One of the nicest things that happened at the show was to see so many customs that I have sold in the past there, and still doing well in the show ring. Some didn’t place at all though, and although it can be disheartening, I am aware how high and amazing the quality of all of the horses were, and so I am not at all disheartened or surprised. Even Maggie Bennett’s recent OOAK was there!

This resin I own, Kathleen’s Serenade resin, I painted back in 2008. She had been shown two times before in 2009 where she got a 1st placing and a 4th. It was so lovely to see that, five years on, she still does well and she held her own in the massive AR/China Arabian class.

Overall, it was such a lovely day. The driving on top was also a nice thing for me to do as I am gaining more and more freedom and it also has given me more confidence on the roads, like every drive does. However, arriving in our own county with about 20 minutes left of the drive; my concentration was starting to fade. However, considering I have never driven for four hours in one day, I think I did pretty well!

Can’t wait for my horses to show at the Southern Roundup now, on March 16th. I look forward to meeting some new faces there too and I shall see how my horses do in the South…