Monday, 25 March 2013

Marwari in Progress

The response to my competition on Facebook so far has been astounding, I am well on my way to earning another 100 fans now as well with only 5 to go! I want to thank everyone for the support, even though I do this frequently.

Due to the bad weather, I have been unable to paint but that hasn't stopped me from being able to hack! My marwari, who I have now named Mojo, fell as a victim.

He also acquired new ears. They still need to be refined in the last photo.

I am thinking bay tobiano as a colour, and he will be haired.

I have also been wanting to try oil paints for a while now, and today was the day where I bought some and am currently giving them a go. So far so good, I am pleased with how they work, I have a LOAD of horses in the works now and I am waiting for them to dry... Goodness knows how long that will take!! Models include a couple of stablemates, a traditional scaled foal and even a Bailadito. Maybe if all goes to plan my Marwari will be painted in oils too.

The good thing about oils is that I can paint with them indoors, where my airbrush is currently located in the garage and it is too cold for it all to work right now! But the snow is melting... And I need to finish my Obrigado.


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