Sunday, 3 March 2013

Midlands Winter Live 2013

The Midlands Winter Live was a good show for me. It was the first time I had ever driven by myself to a live show since passing my driving test; beforehand my Dad used to enjoy the modelling side of things and was always willing to drive me up and meet everyone and see what we were all up to, and he supports my hobby really enthusiastically. However, since passing my test and with my home being based slightly north of him in Hertfordshire, I decided to drive up alone.

I wasn’t alone though. A great childhood friend of mine, Holly, lives in the local town to me and she also collects (and is starting to customise) model horses. I immediately offered to give her a lift to the show up in Melton Mowbray. We had a fantastic time driving up to the show and we found the hall fine (apart from nearly getting lost in our own county!) and driving back was good too.

The show itself was also good. The competition was so tough and because I didn’t have many horses with me (I had no packing materials at home and so had to resort to some bedding materials!) I didn’t obtain any BMECS qualification cards. Holly did though and I am pleased for her, if I attend this year and she can’t make it I could always show her models for her. However, there is a slight chance I won’t be able to go…

But let’s not dwell on that for now! At the show I saw some new and exciting models that are in the 2013 range of newbies! These included the CollectA Shetland,

The CollectA Dartmoor,

And of course, the new Breyer Marwari.

The Marwari actually had really nice paintwork, I have seen some horror stories on the internet where the paintwork has been awful around the tail and mane, yet this one was nice. I am unfortunately unaware of how this model placed but hopefully you will enjoy these pictures I have shared.

I also loved this CollectA Fjord foal, that earned the overall CTF Champion!

I cannot wait to get my mitts on the CollectA models! The temptation to order them from MPV in Germany is high yet I should still wait until they become available in the UK instead.

One of the nicest things that happened at the show was to see so many customs that I have sold in the past there, and still doing well in the show ring. Some didn’t place at all though, and although it can be disheartening, I am aware how high and amazing the quality of all of the horses were, and so I am not at all disheartened or surprised. Even Maggie Bennett’s recent OOAK was there!

This resin I own, Kathleen’s Serenade resin, I painted back in 2008. She had been shown two times before in 2009 where she got a 1st placing and a 4th. It was so lovely to see that, five years on, she still does well and she held her own in the massive AR/China Arabian class.

Overall, it was such a lovely day. The driving on top was also a nice thing for me to do as I am gaining more and more freedom and it also has given me more confidence on the roads, like every drive does. However, arriving in our own county with about 20 minutes left of the drive; my concentration was starting to fade. However, considering I have never driven for four hours in one day, I think I did pretty well!

Can’t wait for my horses to show at the Southern Roundup now, on March 16th. I look forward to meeting some new faces there too and I shall see how my horses do in the South…


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