Tuesday, 5 March 2013

More Stablemates in progress

I bought some more bodies in Stablemate scale when I attended the Midlands Winter Live, and the very next day I was melting them! I have also updated some of the other stablemates I had in progress.

First up, the rearing Paso custom. He now has a mane and I am slowly adding to his tail all the time.

I had to dremel off the previous mane and I like how his new mane is now. He also has a friend on the paso mould, who I am thinking about turning into a welsh pony that is possibly careering around the showjumping arena in a tough jump off!

His off side shoulder is giving me a bit of grief but I am hoping I shall sort it out soon.

I also have the G2 Apaloosa I was working on, who now has a mane after dremelling the neck back and giving it more shape. I think I am finally happy with it. He still needs ears, but clour-wise I am thinking a light fleabitten grey.

Also on my workbench includes a G2 shetland,

The G3 rearing andalusian,

G3 Arabian,

and last but not least this G2 ASB, where currently her two front legs are not attached!


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