Sunday, 17 March 2013

Southern Roundup 2013

This show is always held around St. Patricks day, and it is always a fun and relaxed show that ends fairly early in the day, meaning that we can leave early and get back home at a reasonable hour. I missed the performance section as I went to pick my Dad up who likes to attend the shows and we stopped in a nearby cafe for breakfast. As I unpacked my horses, the first Arabian classes were called so I had to get my models out quickly for them to enter their classes!

I unpacked them and displayed them just in time as they did well in their classes.

Classes progressed through the day as I got more and more good placings.

Sabrina didn't like her placing much!

There were some truly beautiful diorama set ups that both me and my Dad were absolutely enamoured with. The detail in them was so brilliant and I have to share!

I found them so inspiring and full of detail and I was lucky enough to purchase a western themed one. I love it!

The Spanish class in the AR section was another highlight of the morning; I entered my Matador resin, my Vincenzo and my newest sculpture Bailadito by Deb Brown. I was so pleased when I saw that my Vincenzo won the class and my Bailadito followed with a 2nd place! Both have qualified for BMECS.

I was so ecstatic! Another gorgeous Vincenzo took third place.

The placings at this show only went up to third place, which made the show slightly more competitive but still good fun!

The day passed and along came the raffle at lunch time where I won a tub of eClairs (yum!) and two DVDs, one of them being The Silver Brumby! I used to watch it all the time when I was younger and got ready for school and I would love to see some episodes again.

After the lunch break I did for some reason start to feel unwell and nauseous but this was for other reasons of my own, but I didn't socialise as much as I would have done and I apologise, I am sure I will see many of you again soon though. But as I was feeling better, I started to take more photos (all photos from the day can be seen on my Facebook page). I entered my Union Jack resin sculpted by Kelly Sealey and he won his class. He then went on to win the Reserve Championship out of all of the foals!

This is now my last show until June time. But other people who own my customs will be showing them and I will hear about them over the next few weeks, it sure is exciting...


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