Monday, 15 April 2013

Drastic Custom Alert!

Another one in progress... This time, on a Breyer Silver model.

I won this model on eBay and was thinking about a simple repaint, but he turned up with his forelock off! This is a strange form of laziness here, as I couldn't be bothered to attach it back... So what do I go and do? Try and turn this model into a horse performing a high-level dressage move!

I had people guessing on my Facebook page yesterday what move it could possibly be, but people had the right idea as I am trying to make him perform the Capriole.

The biggest thing involved moving the off shoulder. After performing this, it has already given me confidence to move whole shoulders and even hindquarters on other Breyer traditionals. Customising the stablemates has also helped!



  1. WANTT!
    (Seriously.. if you finish it and want to sell... look no further!)