Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Heat Gun Fun... Again!

The weather has been atrociously bad and cold these past few weeks, so on Sunday when the tables turned and it was an absolutely beautiful day, I rushed outside to the garage to play with my heat gun again. I didn't do much with it though, but it is a start.

The paso fino still needs work, lots of resculpting on that front leg is needed so desperately. I was originally planning on making the model canter but for some reason I then had other ideas!

The foal is an old model right back in the 70's, I just lifted his head and turned it slightly, so he looks a bit more inquisitive. I have another one of these as well that I also want to change the head set on.

The jumper is just more active.

I want to try and keep his OF features so there will be no mane and tail resculpting. I will just fill in the gaps and paint!

I have many decapitated stablemates like this now, I need to get them done but I also need to finish up the commissions I have, albeit there are only two and one is nearly done, I have had them for a while now! That is the downside to being at university, less time at home so I am unable to work fast.


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