Thursday, 11 April 2013

More Oily Horses

I have been hard at work finishing these models up. I can't wait to show them in June. I have also made a start on Mojo and he is coming along well, although oils are a pain when it comes to drying time!

First up is my Inferno medallion by Kelly Sealey, that I won at a live show in a medallion class where my Todd painted by Deb Brown came first. This medallion is now a leopard spotted appaloosa.

The detail I managed to achieve with the mottling I am especially proud off!

This custom is one of the stablemates I had started. He is now a bay roan and I am very pleased with how this one ended up as well.

This Arabian took a while, and I had to use flash in the photos because of the dark and rich colour achieved.

I have no photos of Mojo yet, he is still in relatively ugly stage but photos will come soon, but I have these two models also in progress. This little cob mare is very close to being complete in these photos, but I wish to do more detailing on her whites and other details need to be amplified and finished up. I am going to name her Kiss, I don't know why but she seems to suit the name!

And the last model, the new CollectA Clydesdale stallion.

It feels like a good thing that the paints take a while to dry, I have a lot of revision to do and the fact that the paint takes a while to dry means that I have to revise in between!!