Friday, 31 May 2013

Puppy Drawing

After completing my art GCSE about five years ago or so, it made me completely want to stop sketching and drawing 2D art. I felt to overwhelmed with the entire course and I ended up hating my passion for creativity. Ever since, I have been making sure that I only draw and paint for my own leisure, particularly on paper.

After purchasing an A3 sketch book last summer and overcoming the mental block that I don't have to fill every page to the brim with certain projects that I HAD to draw, I began to just sketch. I finished this puppy yesterday, in under two hours which I thought was impressive and it also demonstrates that no, I haven't lost my talent and yes, I have most certainly improved my eye for realism and detail, even if I still have a long way to go.

What does please me, however, is that I feel compelled to draw again today! I have to prepare for the MHL Live and I am zooming off to Barcelona on Sunday with my friends for an end-of-year holiday celebration, so I might not be able to but I will see how I feel in the evening if I have free time. :-)

Who knew that this drawing I produced last night would have such a story!


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