Friday, 17 May 2013

Royal Windsor Horse Show 2013

In between my exams, I thought I needed something to do for a day off and this show, near to where I live in the UK, was simpl perfect timing. It provided a great day out and I even met famous showjumper Tim Stockdale while I was there! I took well over 500 photos and have since managed to whittle it down to 200, but that is still a lot to go through.

One of the other reasons for going was to put my new camera, my Nikon 1, to the test of equestrian photography. I have to say, it did pretty well and I am very pleased with the outcomes. Some of the showjumping in the day:

And I was to tickled that, on the day I went, there was an andalusian/lusitano/cross class. Iberian horses are my favourite type and they were beautiful!

There were also arabians there... And these horses were also simply stunning...

The stallion in particular was beautiful, they let him loose to gallop in the arena and I got some pretty good shots!

I still feel like I have bombarded this post with a great deal of photos but there were many, many more, I can assure you!

I just want to put a disclaimer that all these photos are COPYRIGHT Clsre Stokes 2013 and are NOT to be used without permission... Many friends and hobbyists I know have unfortunately had their photos stolen in the past and I don't want this to ever happen to me...


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