Saturday, 4 May 2013

Two CollectAs

I was on a painting spree yesterday alongside my Palouse model. These two CollectA models had makeovers too and yet again I am happy with the way they turned out, it made me realise that yes, I really did need a new airbrush and it was a worthwhile investment!

This is the Fjord foal CollectA model, that I have painted to a baby bay. It worked out so well! I think perhaps a welsh C or something for the breed but I will need to check with other people, definitely a pony that is for sure.

Just look at his face!! LOOK!

And I painted the second of my three CollectA Shetlands that I obtained. This time round, she is called Chocolate Chip. I think I am going with a chocolate theme with all of my shetlands! So I wonder what colour the last one will be...

When I finished her basecoat as a bay, she did also look really nice. But I wanted to add the white markings as it was what I had envisioned. I am still glad I did, but maybe I should make my third one a plain bay? I have no idea!

The markings on her rump I love too, you see some patterns of tobiano like this and I am glad I could capture it on a model.

Unfortunately these were the last ones I have painted for the time being, the fun is over and I have to get back to work! My first exam is in exactly four days time from today, so close... But I was having a burnout and painting definitely revived and relaxed me. The good news is that in 16 sleeps time I will be free and I have plenty of horses in the body box to share with you and paint...


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