Sunday, 30 June 2013

'Bombero' Obrigado Resin

Bombero is spanish for Firefighter. Recently, some of my model horse friends have been... err... Drooling over some firemen photos and this name just sprung perfectly into my mind as this model horse of mine for my personal collection is such a HUNK!

He has been in progress for a while, started in acrylics then I changed onto oils. After being sat for a few weeks and once the oils were dry, I got the acrylics back on him and he is now finished. I am glad he is, I have wanted him done for ages now!

I have no idea when he will make his showing debut as I cannot attend any shows for a good while now, which is sad and unfortunate but these things happen! I have summer placements and weddings to attend, along with going on another holiday and relaxing before my university course starts itself up again for a third year.


Monday, 24 June 2013

Glitz and Glamour Pageant Live - Day One

I only attended the first day of this all-weekend show that my friend Catriona Harris held in aid of Dementia UK, a charity which is very close to a lot of people. Because I sculpted the medallions for her show, I was able to get free entry and even a free area in which I could display some of my model horse artwork for sale alongside Donna Chaney of Animal Artistry. This meant that my work put into the medallion and donating the castings I produced were all for the charity and I feel good about being a part of the charity.

I drove my friend Holly up with me to the show, she lives about 5 minutes from me up the road and is a fellow hobbyist so why not car pool!! We got to the show just as the classes had started so we *just* made it on time, despite getting slightly lost and turning around three times due to the bad weather on the journey there.

Holly managed to squeeze in her mini Ziryab resin into the Arabian class and she came away with a 6th placing.

The Iberian classes were next, where my Vinenzo resin and my sculpted Bailadito went into the ring. My Bailadito came 6th!

It was funny because I was still unpacking my horses and having a good flap and panic, so I had indeed forgotten that my Vincenzo was in the ring and when I remembered a couple of minutes later, I saw he had got 2nd place! A rather pleasant surprise!

The horse that came first in the class was a gorgeous braided Vincenzo resin, that went on to do well in the section championship too.

A Fantasy class came up where I entered Pearl, my new Sylph resin, and she came third.

It was funny because I entered Pearl into the Fantasy Performance class too with a spare rider I had found lying in my bag and he came fourth (out of four... But that isn't the point!)

Pearl also got a 2nd placing in the Fantasy Workmanship.

The performance entry standards were very high and it reminded me of why I don't do performance at all! The tack and intricacy of everything was amazing. My favourite set-up was this teeny tiny one of horses in the snow.

The performance classes were running alongside the CM and AR classes and so I did miss a lot of very nice entries in the performance section. But it didn't bother me so much as there was plenty of eye candy in the halter classes! I had my BOTW Arabian Resin produced by Breyer that I placed in the Part-bred Arabian class as he missed the Arabian class initially as I was unpacking but it was a smart move as he came 4th! In the Purebred class I doubt he would have placed as there was a large number of horses on the table.

Some of the classes were indeed huge. One class I remember was the British Native CM class. However, there was a Breyer Haflinger that I had painted to a Dun late last year and it was lovely to see that she had got 4th place. The judge also said she had found 10 definite winners and she had to whittle it all down!

The Artist Resin's British Native was also upon us as I entered Porsche my Flitwick resin and Toblerone, my new Aiden resin. I haven't shared this pony with anyone yet as I finished him the night before the show! He got third in the class which I was happy with.

I was happy to see that Porsche came 1st!

Because he came 1st, he went against the other resin ponies that came 1st and ended up getting Champion!

After all of the resin classes had gone and the section champions had been judged, the champions and reserves then went head to head for the overall Artist Resin championships. I was ecstatic when I saw that Porsche had gone up against some fantastic pieces of art and got Reserve to Reserve!!

Porsche was also painted in oils so it was lovely to see that my oil painted horses also do well alongside those I paint in acrylics.

I didn't attend the second day as that was for OF and CTF, and then there were novice performance and fun classes. I only collect the customs and pieces I painted myself and I only have two OF models in my entire collection! However, after day 2 was over and people had uploaded photos of the models and their placings, I noticed that my Gallega resin medallion did very well!

It made me happy as although I wasn't at the show, my creations were still being shown and still did well!

All in all, a really brilliant day and I had a fantastic time. It was one of the best shows I have been to and I think everyone really enjoyed themselves! I look forward to hearing how much money was raised in total for the chosen charity.


Sunday, 23 June 2013

Small Update

I am in no way a fit state of mind to post about the Glitz and Glamour Live (Day 1) but this is a photo of the highlight of my day!

I will blog properly about it... But tomorrow... I have barely slept!


Friday, 21 June 2013

Boulevard - CM Totilas

My Totilas repaint is now finished and ready to hit the show ring at the G&G, which is tomorrow!! Wow, time sure flies. I STILL have more to do for it as well, including finishing some horses up and packing... Yes, packing would help! Some horses have been boxed ready but not even a quarter of my collection has been packed. So, now you know what I will be doing at 11pm this evening!!

At least the medallions are done, that is the main thing. And Hamlet is also pretty much done. I would like to work on his near fore one last time (as was suggested by a friend of mine) it is slightly scary when you miss things as trivial as a strange fetlock joint! I hope I have fixed it now.

Enough rambling, time to show you Boulevard - I don't know where or how my Totilas got that name but he just did! I tend to always think of strange names last minute.

I put the peg there because I find his base makes him very uphill and for me, that detracts the workmanship of the entire sculpture. He is a very photogenic model!


Thursday, 20 June 2013

Painted Medallions

Of the ten medallions I sculpted for the G&G Live this coming weekend, three I have painted up where two will be raffle donations, one on each day. The third I will be keeping for myself, purely based on the fact that the clay original was non-salvageable after making the mould and it is nicer to have a resin copy anyway.

The three colours I chose were traditional bay, black and chestnut. Although the black had some rabicano hairs painted on.

I think the painted up versions make the medallions look better than the stark creamy yellow colour they are unpainted. It shows how they are meant to look!

The black one:

The bay one:

And last of all, the chesntut!

The chestnut I painted reminds me of this fellow Arabian I met at the Royal Windsor Horse Show when I went.

I hope people like the medallions if they win any!


Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to...


Many thanks to everyone for entering!! If the winner could contact me or comment below with their email address I can then contact you and I can send you out your mini resin!


Monday, 17 June 2013

Glitz and Glamour Medallion

The medallion is finally unveiled!

As with every sculpt project I do, this one was also a learning curve and I learn so much every time.

With a week to go, I was rather pushed for time for getting the medallion cast and when it came to making the mould I realised the catalyst for setting it was out of date! I did do a test mould though and it worked fine so I got on and made the mould as planned. This was what was created.

The clay original was well and truly wrecked!!

I will paint one of them up to donate to the live show, and there will be 7 others that will be awarded throughout the weekend. They will be given out in some championships and I believe for the medallion class as well.

I want to thank Cat, who is running the show, for giving me the opportunity for supporting her show and her chosen charity for Dementia UK. This charity has a special place in my heart and I feel grateful I could have contributed towards it!


Sunday, 16 June 2013

Totilas WIP

I just popped this casual photo of my Totilas that I have currently in progress on my Facebook page yesterday, and the lovely comments I received was astounding!

Unfortunately I can't post any finished photos of him until my new tin of Sealer arrives, where I can then protect his paintwork. The last of my finish was used on Sebastian! Never fear, more is on the way.


Saturday, 15 June 2013


Customised Red Rum with a mohair mane and tail to a VERY shaded bay! If I am honest, one of the best shaded bay's I have done to date! Maybe I am getting used to my new airbrush/compressor combination after all... :-)

He is very photogenic! I can't wait til this time next Saturday where I will be attending the Glitz and Glamour live to show him there as well.

At the show I think I will be having my own special Artist's table and I have also sculpted a special medallion that is to be awarded to the championships. I am so grateful to Cat for the opportunity to sculpt for her and her show! Fingers crossed the casting process goes ok...


Friday, 14 June 2013

Painted Sylph Resin

Two days ago I had a wonderful horsey parcel day!

I was going to hair my Totilas model but he is so wonderful, I am going to leave him as he is (and maaaybe order another one...!) but I had my Sylph resin in the morning, and by the afternoon I had finished prepping and painting him. I did it very quickly and the prepwork was really little work and limited.

I have named him Pearl.

He is really photogenic and has so many nice angles!

I can't wait to enter him into some fantasy classes - now that they have included it in BMECS/NAN I am very excited!