Sunday, 30 June 2013

'Bombero' Obrigado Resin

Bombero is spanish for Firefighter. Recently, some of my model horse friends have been... err... Drooling over some firemen photos and this name just sprung perfectly into my mind as this model horse of mine for my personal collection is such a HUNK!

He has been in progress for a while, started in acrylics then I changed onto oils. After being sat for a few weeks and once the oils were dry, I got the acrylics back on him and he is now finished. I am glad he is, I have wanted him done for ages now!

I have no idea when he will make his showing debut as I cannot attend any shows for a good while now, which is sad and unfortunate but these things happen! I have summer placements and weddings to attend, along with going on another holiday and relaxing before my university course starts itself up again for a third year.


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