Friday, 21 June 2013

Boulevard - CM Totilas

My Totilas repaint is now finished and ready to hit the show ring at the G&G, which is tomorrow!! Wow, time sure flies. I STILL have more to do for it as well, including finishing some horses up and packing... Yes, packing would help! Some horses have been boxed ready but not even a quarter of my collection has been packed. So, now you know what I will be doing at 11pm this evening!!

At least the medallions are done, that is the main thing. And Hamlet is also pretty much done. I would like to work on his near fore one last time (as was suggested by a friend of mine) it is slightly scary when you miss things as trivial as a strange fetlock joint! I hope I have fixed it now.

Enough rambling, time to show you Boulevard - I don't know where or how my Totilas got that name but he just did! I tend to always think of strange names last minute.

I put the peg there because I find his base makes him very uphill and for me, that detracts the workmanship of the entire sculpture. He is a very photogenic model!


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