Friday, 7 June 2013

Custom Goffert

I completed this model last week before I flew to Barcelona to enjoy a few days in the sun. He will be coming with me tomorrow to the MHL Live of the year. I am very excited for holding the show but I feel like I have forgotten a lot of things, hopefully not though!

Friesian breed standards to specify that they do come in chestnut, although it isn't usually favoured. Oh well, I think he looks great and it makes a difference to the other Breyer Goffert models out there!

I have named him Global Foxtrot, seeing as he is foxy in colour and is trotting. The Global part? Not sure really but it fits in the name!



  1. He is beautiful Clare! I really like the way you paint the chestnut colour on horses :)

  2. Hehe He belongs to me now! I love him he's gorgeous! :)