Thursday, 13 June 2013

Hamlet has had changes

I picked him up the other day after my exams and played with his features and conformation a great deal.Upon messing around with photoshop,

I came to the conclusion that his back was still too short, after having lengthened it before.

Upon adding an extra bit of belly fat, I knew what I had to do.

So out came the hacksaw again!

I prepped him a great deal and just took these photos this morning to show what he currently looks like and what else needs doing. He needs a lot more work done to his muscles and his face (especially his eyes) and his feet are still in progress but are a lot better than what they were before!

Just for a size comparison, this is him on my hand. Yep, he is fairly small!

The response I have had for Hamlet recently has been wonderful and I hope to finish him soon!

The response to my giveaway on my previous blog post has also been astounding, thank you so far everyone!



  1. He looks so much better! He is really starting to shape up now :) Keep up the good work!

  2. He looks so good! He just gets better and better with each post!

  3. Eeee, he keeps getting better! ^^ I can't wait til I can get a copy! (or two, lol)
    Right now the only major things I can see are that his nearside feet are in need of a little work (but you've already said the feet aren't done yet so I know they're still unfinished, lol) and that his ears could do with being a wee bit longer. :D

    1. Yep his feet have been taken care of, although I have had to drop the toe on his off fore because it is hitting the ground, otherwise he just won't balance! And I can adjust the ears slightly too for your liking! ;) Will dig out more refs!

  4. He is looking soo cute!! Really liking his wee chunker self :) Well done to you and I'm looking forward to seeing him done

    1. Thank you! he will be finished imminently, can't wait to share photos!