Sunday, 9 June 2013

MHL Live 2013 Part One

First of all, what a day!

Well, for me, what a WEEK!

Since Friday night, I have had less than 6 hours of sleep each night (with some nights being 2 hours!) but this is all my fault as I was partying on holiday and was having a lot of fun and relaxation with my friends. Then I went to a Ball with m friends at University two nights ago and barely slept in time for the show yesterday. Then I went to bed at midnight and woke at 10am this morning! I still wanted to sleep more but forced myself up and to sort some things out.

Enough of my ranting about my sleepless nights, time for some photos and a show report!

First of all, before I begin, a massive THANK YOU to EVERYONE who attended the show, who had their horses at the show, and to those that donated to the show. I really mean it, it was a fantastic day and everyone enjoyed themselves (I hope!!) Rachel and I were running around all day but we think it was worth it in the end. We raised £75 from the raffle alone which is a massive amount! In a few days time we will talk about what we will be doing with the money as there will be some money extra once the Celebration models have sold (there are only two left). We feel we need to put it back into such a great community!

The raffle:

The Workmanship classes were first, and the standards were exceptionally high.

The champions for the show were very well deserved.

The rosettes were beautiful for our show. We specifically asked for some gold in them due to it being a special 5 year celebration. They looked wonderful!

After the Workmanship, we did the OF and CTF breed classes.

The Celebration models for MHL did well, the thoroughbred class was taken over by them as one came first, and the one I own placed 5th.

The same model then went on to win section Champion, OF Champion and Supreme show Reserve to Reserve Champion!

We went through all of the OF/CTF breed classes before 'stopping' for lunch. When I say we stopped for lunch, we didn't really have time!People were eating as the classes were going on and this made it easier for us as we didn't have to stop long for lunch! But we did seem to stop briefly as we did the raffle and we made time for three fun classes.

Instead of making this blog post massive, I shall post Part Two later with news from the raffle, fun classes and the CM/AR Breed classes. :-)

As you can tell, what a day indeed!


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