Monday, 10 June 2013

MHL Live 2013 Part Two

The three fun classes at 'lunch' included the special Peter Stone Thoroughbred class (in order to celebrate the special MHL model, Celebration, being a chestnut thoroughbred) a medallion class and even a falling off class, in which there were some very 'creative' entries!!

In the medallion class, a light dapple grey Gallega that I sculpted and was painted by Deb Brown came first, and another Gallega that I own and painted also by Deb Brown came third. I donated an unpainted Todd medallion to the winner of the class, just as something a little extra special.

It is nice to see that people like my sculptures as well as my paintwork. In the second half of the day when the custom and artist resin classes took place, two Bailadito models were entered in the Spanish/Iberian class. One was owned by me and painted by Deb Brown, the other painted and owned by Cat Harris. Both came 5th and 6th respectively.

Some horses weren't placed in the class either, so my sculptures didn't come 'last'! In fact all of the models in the Iberian AR class in particular painted/sculpted by me placed, apart from the first place which was a gorgeous Vincenzo by Williams.

My Matador came second:

My Vincenzo came third:

And a Centeno resin that I was commissioned to paint last year (or the year before!?) came 4th.

I had some other nice surprises during the day, too. Despite the large and competitive classes, my little Flitwick resin named Porsche came 2nd in his resin native class.

And my three CollectA shetlands held their own in their large custom native class too!

The model in my showstring that did the best for me was my Union Jack, the Hullabaloo resin foal that was sculpted by Kelly Sealey last year for the first three day model horse event to be held in the UK. He did well for me at his last show too, taking Youngstock section reserve champion at the Southern Roundup 2013. He won his class, being shown as a Quarter Horse:

and then went on to take the section reserve to reserve champion!

At the end of the day, the champions were awarded (and were certainly very well deserved!) Judging the championship wa very difficult but it was nice to give out the massive rosettes to the winners.

So as you can tell, it certainly was a fun-filled, fantastic day yet very tiring and I am STILL feeling the effects now! Once again I thank everyone for their support for the show including donations and those who attended. Definitely worth a rest now until next year!


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