Thursday, 20 June 2013

Painted Medallions

Of the ten medallions I sculpted for the G&G Live this coming weekend, three I have painted up where two will be raffle donations, one on each day. The third I will be keeping for myself, purely based on the fact that the clay original was non-salvageable after making the mould and it is nicer to have a resin copy anyway.

The three colours I chose were traditional bay, black and chestnut. Although the black had some rabicano hairs painted on.

I think the painted up versions make the medallions look better than the stark creamy yellow colour they are unpainted. It shows how they are meant to look!

The black one:

The bay one:

And last of all, the chesntut!

The chestnut I painted reminds me of this fellow Arabian I met at the Royal Windsor Horse Show when I went.

I hope people like the medallions if they win any!


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