Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Up and coming news

There is a lot going on now in my life outside the studio regarding summer placements, holidays and once I start university again for my third year, I will have lots of studies. I may even have a horse to share on the horizon! I am also going to be heavily involved in the equestrian society that I initiated within my uni... But although all of this is going on, I will still be updating you with things going on in my studio and what I am up to! Here is just an update of what I have been up to and what is to come soon...

Utterly Horses Hullabaloo
I will be attending the UHH for the first time on Saturday 31st August 2013! I am so excited about going. Some of you already know, but I am scheduled to do a talk on customising at 10am, which should be good! I will be providing hand outs of some form for it too, and it would be lovely to meet people. So if you are going, give me a shout!

I will also have a stall there and hopefully will have some painted models with me to sell (including Bailaditos and Hamlets) and some unpainted resins too. All of my medallions have sold out so none will be there for the time being I am afraid!

I also run Model Horse Love and they will also have a stall there too. I ordered some Business cards the other day to place on the tables for people to come and take, Eee!

Hamlet to the Casters
You read right, Hamlet will be making his way to Horsing Around in Worcestershire to be cast in resin. Again, I am very excited about this! I can't wait to paint some copies up and ship him off to his new homes across the UK. Thank you to everyone for your support for him at this point in time! I also am eager to start on Horatio, his hairy friend...

New Sculptures...?
I have no idea what is going to happen for the time being as I did have a medallion idea that I was going to sculpt for BMECS as well as a traditional/classic scaled sculpture I wanted to begin working on. But neither have been started yet!! I am worried that I won't be able to begin working on them for a good while, which is a shame but we will see, I have plenty of time... :-)So don't expect too much from me on the sculpting front in the near future, but I do have some commissions that have just come in for paintwork that I need to finish (and a CM ISH that I have had for over a year now, he needs a whole neck rebuilding!!)

Tip Tuesday
Starting in September, from every Tuesday I will be doing a blog post with a little handy customising tip in it. It will range from repositioning to rehairing, anything I can think of that perhaps might come in handy! Pictures will be done where necessary and if I am able to! If anyone has anything they would like to see in particular in this section please let me know (get in touch or comment on this blog post below) and I will try to include it as best as I can. :-)

That is all from me for now, sorry for the lack of pictures! I have to nip off to work now, see ya!


Monday, 29 July 2013

More Live Show News!

It is so good to hear back from people with models I have painted! It is another plus to have your work in other people's collections, so if you don't attend a live in person then you do in spirit. The Roundabout resin I painted at the beginning of this month won his class on Saturday at Mily's BVER V show.

This Valentine model I painted back in 2011 is still also doing well, getting second place in the class she was in!

Bailadito has been doing well at shows too. It is such a nice feeling when I see my sculptures place at shows, it just goes to show that what I created is a success!

Thank you to the ladies for letting me steal your pictures!

I have absolutely no idea where this month has gone... I should be in bed now ready to rise at 7:30am for my last week of my summer placement! This placement has been a massive eye opener for me on levels I never thought it would. I can already feel myself becoming more organised and finding even more ways to organise my time effectively and to the maximum. Next year at university is going to be busy and painful so this experience that I am gaining now will be invaluable.

I do go on holiday this Friday and although I will still have email and internet access (well, should!) I wont't be able to send any parcels or paint until I return. But don't worry, I have some commissions in the wings and Hamlet is being sent off to the casters this week, so exciting times are still to come! Remember, if you want a Hamlet you can still pre order by clicking here!

Should pop off to bed now... Night night!


Sunday, 21 July 2013

SR 3 2013

Yvonne held the third Southern Roundup show yesterday and unfortunately I was unable to attend. A couple of my horses did, however, including Boulevard my custom Totilas model. He came 2nd in a large class according to his owner!

Photo courtesy of Liz Hibberd!


Saturday, 20 July 2013

Prince - Mini Optime Resin

This one's finish work has been done for a while and he needed his hair, I hadn't got round to doing it all until last night whilst on a break from my summer placement. I have named him Prince, it just came to me when I was finishing him up. He certainly is acting like a spoilt brat with the expression on his face!

I wanted to keep his tail nice, long and full. I have seen some Arabians with massive tails and seeing as this guy is a bit of a pretty boy, I decided to keep it like this!


Sunday, 14 July 2013

Proud Mother Hen Moment

Cluck cluck cluck!

I saw this photo that my friend Cat Harris took of Sebastian, who she bought from me, at the OF and CM Didmarton Show which was held yesterday.

Go Seb!

If you have any of my customs and they have won or placed in a live or photo show or any form of competition, do drop me a line as I love to hear about how my work does and from people that own my work. It just makes me happy that other people appreciate what I love to do as a hobby!


Saturday, 6 July 2013

Hamlet open for Pre Orders

He still needs some facial features sanded and smoothed down but I am very pleased to announce Hamlet's release!

Please click here for his page and to order him!

I worked on his facial detail more and he even has some veining which I am happy with. I can't wait to get this guy's castings back and to be able to clothe him!

His face has changed a fair bit since his last photos due to the detail. Everything is now more together and realistic and I am glad I spent a few hours on the features.


Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Utterly Horses Hullabaloo News

I can now confirm that I will be attending the UHH on Saturday September 1st 2013. I am so excited! I will be doing a workshop on an introduction to customising, so if you are going be sure to pop along and pay me a visit, and to listen in on my little talk. I will cover all of the aspects of customising that I have dabbled in over the few years I have been in the hobby.

I also can't wait to get my hands on Kelly's new foal, Dancing Daisy. She is a little sweetheart!