Monday, 29 July 2013

More Live Show News!

It is so good to hear back from people with models I have painted! It is another plus to have your work in other people's collections, so if you don't attend a live in person then you do in spirit. The Roundabout resin I painted at the beginning of this month won his class on Saturday at Mily's BVER V show.

This Valentine model I painted back in 2011 is still also doing well, getting second place in the class she was in!

Bailadito has been doing well at shows too. It is such a nice feeling when I see my sculptures place at shows, it just goes to show that what I created is a success!

Thank you to the ladies for letting me steal your pictures!

I have absolutely no idea where this month has gone... I should be in bed now ready to rise at 7:30am for my last week of my summer placement! This placement has been a massive eye opener for me on levels I never thought it would. I can already feel myself becoming more organised and finding even more ways to organise my time effectively and to the maximum. Next year at university is going to be busy and painful so this experience that I am gaining now will be invaluable.

I do go on holiday this Friday and although I will still have email and internet access (well, should!) I wont't be able to send any parcels or paint until I return. But don't worry, I have some commissions in the wings and Hamlet is being sent off to the casters this week, so exciting times are still to come! Remember, if you want a Hamlet you can still pre order by clicking here!

Should pop off to bed now... Night night!


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