Saturday, 24 August 2013

Hamlet - castings in hand and ready to ship!

Hamlet made his wonderful appearance 20 times over on Tuesday this week when I got in from work - yep, 20 castings made their way through my front door and it is such a lovely feeling to know that just over half of them are already claimed! I want to paint a couple up for the UHH but I do not think this is realistic anymore, however I have some to paint over the next couple of days so lets just see how it all pans out.

I took some unpainted photos of them, albeit they aren't very good and I need to get more!

I finished the first ever painted Hamlet piece this morning as I sealed and glossed him. He is a commission, and it is funny because a load of commissined Hamlets I have to paint are all bays too! Luckily they are all different shades and markings, and a couple have dapples so it won't be repetitive work. I like all of my pieces to have subtle differences anyway, I never paint the same colour exactly twice. I also find this unique in the sense that my art is OOAK no matter what I do, and it is not mass produced in quantity (apart from the castings of my sculptures, of course, aha!)

This is the first painted piece, I hope the owner likes him.

I am still debating what colour I want my copy to be. I am also going to start making a hairy one too but I will wait for the UHH and everything to properly blow over first. I have too much to think about and shouldn't add to the list!

Right, time to toddle off and sort out my UHH show entries! A kind hobbyist has said they can show some horses for me and I am SO happy about that!


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