Sunday, 25 August 2013

What I will be bringing to the UHH!

This blog post is a list of all of the things I will be bringing with me to the Utterly Horses Hullabaloo! I will be there with my own stall as Meadowview Artistry on the Saturday so if you are around then do come along and say hello.

I will have castings of clean unpainted Bailadito castings with me and they will be offered at a discount price of £30 instead of the usual price of £35 as on my website.

I will have some painted examples with me too, of which a few will also be for sale. These include the recent dapple grey I completed,

and this unicorn.

And, of course, my newest sculpture Hamlet will also be at the UHH for people to purchase, again at a discounted price of £30 as opposed to £35.

I will be painting some copies of Hamlet up over the next couple of days, some will be commissions on display at the event and others will be painted in other colours and displayed for sale.

If you wish to purchase a Bailadito and a Hamlet at the UHH event, you can get a further £10 and have them both for just £50!

Custom repaints
I will have a great deal of repainted model horses for sale at the event too, including this fleabitten grey FAM,

this Schleich friesian I newly completed to a cob,

this CollectA Dartmoor I painted to a bukskin,

and many more... I will be a wash with models that need new homes next weekend!

Time to go and get more Bailaditos and Hamlets prepped up!


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