Sunday, 29 September 2013

BMECS next Saturday!

The British Model Equine Championships of the UK is in six days time. The time has certainly flown by and I can't believe that in less than a week the biggest show in the country will be taking place once more in Leicestershire. I went last year and the event was a brilliant insight to the hobby and it was inspiring for me. I also remember taking the beginnings of my Hamlet sculpture with me for people to have a look at and offer me some advice!

Unfortunately, I am unable to attend in person this year so I cannot do a full live show report, which saddens me but I do have horses attending, including those that people have bought from me and those from my own personal collection that are being shown by a wonderful friend of mine, so a massive thank you to Lynne! This blog post is just showing my collection of horses that will be there for you all to try and spot if you are going...

A total of ten of my horses from my showstring will be shown, with the first one being Sabrina. Sabrina is Fraley's Sadie Shoofly resin.

She attended BMECS last year and off the top of my head I think I remember her getting 3rd place in her class.

'Wizard of Oz' my perlino Matador resin will also be making a presence! It is his first time at BMECS and it will be interesting to see how he does.

I will be dominating the Iberian ring this year (as always!) as Be My Valentine will also be there. I show him as a silver Lusitano (and do have documentation to prove it!!)

He went last year but I don't think he won anything. He is very successful at other shows in the UK though.

Another Iberian for the artist resin ring is my very own original Bailadito resin. I am so proud that he earned a place to be able to be shown at BMECS, especially for a first full horse sculpture. I find that even that alone is such an achievement!

Another iberian model horse is my micro mini known as Galeno. This mini is usually always rather successful too, although I can't remember if I showed him at BMECS last year or not... I unfortunately at the moment am unable to find a picture for you but he is Maggie's Andalusian micro performing the Spanish Walk that I painted to a bay back in 2008/2009 time. He is an 'old' boy!

Moving away from the Iberian horses and onto fantasy, we have my Sylph resin named Pearl, a very fitting name for a 'perlino' coloured pegasus. She placed 2nd in the Workmanship fantasy class back in June at my friend's show the Glitz and Glamour Live.

I won another Sylph resin at the UHH for a bargain price and I am planning on painting him and naming him Crystal or something. They would make a cute pair!

Porsche, my Flitwick resin, will also be attending. I bought this model back in 2010 or so and had him originally painted to a strawberry roan in colour, and although he got shown in Germany and did well there I was never entirely fond of him, so last year I got the stripper on him and just did him again from scratch. I am now so much happier with him and his big win at the Glitz and Glamour show really thrilled me.

Here's hoping my little shetland can pull off a similar stunt next week.

Kelly's Sweet Lullaby resin that I have painted and named Fan will be there as well, unfortunately she is without her little foal but they will soon be reunited!

I have an Animal Artistry welsh resin too that was there last year. Off the top of my head he came 5th in his class. His name is Marvel.

And the final horse to make it to BMECS this year from my own personal collection is Joey, another of Kelly's creations for the UHH2012, Union Jack. He is always usually successful at shows and has claimed a championship status before so I hope he does well this year.

It should be a wonderful day out and I am envious of all attending this year. I was also unable to manage to donate anything to the raffle which is annoying but there will be other shows in the future.


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