Saturday, 7 September 2013

More Hamlets to Share

These two Hamlets will be making their way to a new home soon. Both are portraits of cobs that are close to the owner's hearts and I feel honoured to be able to bring them to life on my little sculpture!

First up is this one, who was nearly all bay but with a couple of small sabino patches.

This second one has been planned since I started sculpting Hamlet last September. He is painted after a cob known as Major, who was loaned by my friend but was sadly put to sleep due to a bad colic attack I believe. It is such a shame as one of my favourite horses I recently found out passed away due to colic.

I still have more Hamlet models to paint including loads more commissions as well, and what with us moving house this past week and me being on a placement until the end of next week, I don't have any time or materials to work on anything! I also return to university next Sunday... So next Saturday will be one of the last times I can paint for a couple of months. I will do my best to finish commissions off in that time period but after that I might not be able to paint anything until November time. :(

These past few days have been incredibly up and down for me so I am eager to get back to university and become a bit more stable! If you pardon the pun...


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