Friday, 13 September 2013


I drew this small pegasus picture in about five minutes the other night.

There are some conformational issues with it and everything but once I perfect if I plan on getting a small tattoo done somewhere... And I feel it would be nicer that I designed it myself.

But where would I get it?

I actually have an incredibly deep soft spot for fantasy equines and the small cute size of this little sketch I did has encouraged me to try and transform it into something 3D. So over the next few weeks watch this space while I plan more sketches and start creating tiny armatures. :o)

I go back to university this weekend too which I am extremely excited about, and I have plenty of wire there that I can use and I will have some free time next week too. Of course, I am about to enter my third year and the work load will be extremely high, but since when did a bit of hard work ever scare me?!


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