Sunday, 29 September 2013

Topaz - Micro Sculpture is progressing!

She does have a name now, Topaz. If I make any more micro models, I want to maybe name them after gem stones. I think it will be a nice touch!

I have accepted critique from people and have checked reference photos, so her front legs have been fixed so she no longer looks broken at her elbow joint. Some parts of her legs still look noodley and her fetlocks are so incredibly thin, I am having some difficulty there. But the progress that has been made is very positive!

Some people have already worked it out from my Facebook page but yes she is an Arabian mare with a headstrong personality as she is rearing in strong spirit.

I need to get a needle of some sort so I can finish off her facial detailing such as her eyes, she is unfortunately blind for the time being until I am able to locate one.

I also can't wait to start sculpting some friends alongside her; I have already promised a friend I shall try to sculpt a very small foal... This could get interesting!



  1. Stunning! Can she stand on her own?

    1. She can now, I just made a base for her and so she is free standing. It is just a small round one. :-)