Thursday, 31 October 2013

Thursday's Inspiration - dramatic shot!

I went to ride the horse I share on Tuesday and my Dad also came along for a catch up and he took some photos. One of my favourites is this one.

That photo is completely and utterly unedited, because I rode a bit later and the clocks have gone back (no one understands but it always messes me up!) the natural lighting was also incredibly dramatic and everything was just in place for the perfect image. Galaxy has very coppery tones to her coat as well as she is just a lovely mare!

I hope that image inspires you as much as me!


Monday, 28 October 2013


I was worried these tickets would be delivered to my old house because I moved recently, however they came about half an hour ago and it has made me so excited!

I have been going to Olympia every year since I was about 11 or 12 years of age and it is always so magical for me, espcially because of the time. It is very inspiring watching the showjumpers or the shetland ponies galloping around the ring in the Grand National. I always go for the Puissance night because it is like an exaggerated form of Chase Me Charlie!

But, of course, not forgetting the model horses, hopefully some stalls will be there selling Breyers or Schleich, and I can pick up a couple of things as an early Christmas present to myself perhaps... Hehe!

Not much has been going on in the studio over the past few days, I need to alter my medallion some more before I can start working on it again properly - some bits I need to chop off! I still also need to go over details on the micro minis that I have been sculpting and I also have another sculpture in the works that I haven't actually shown photos of yet... How odd... Remind me to soon! Perhaps when a bit more work has been done to him...


Friday, 25 October 2013

New medallion in progress - winter is coming!

Brace yourselves!

I am cheating a bit with this medallion, I am afraid... The basis of this one I haven't sculpted from scratch as such, I am actually editing a second casting that was produced while I made the Glitz and Glamour medallions for my friend's show back in June for Dementia UK. Only ten were produced and offered in total, but I had a couple of second castings hanging around. I was feeling a bit stressed out yesterday and needed a release of some sort in an artistic way, so I channeled everything with my apoxie and sculpting tools.

It is a terrible picture, I grey-scaled it purely because the original resin form was yellow and my apoxie is grey! But you get the idea. I have added lots of bushy mane and cheek fluff. I also plan on having a base for this one, and adding even more mane perhaps... Although not sure yet!

Still pretty nameless too... Maybe I could hold a competition for that but who knows... One may pop into my head!


Thursday, 24 October 2013

Thursday's Inspiration - Baby Pony, anyone?!

Perhaps I should make this a bit like my Tip Tuesday series, where on some Thursdays if I have a rush of inspiration, I should share it on here. The inspiration I would like to post about today anyway is the most adorable mare and foal I have come across.

Aren't they the cutest!?


Sunday, 20 October 2013

UH Workshop

Yesterday, without me even realising, there was an Utterly Horses Workshop Newcomers Live Show! Some of my horses were there and they did very well, thank you to Curtis for letting me use these photos!

I saw that my Goffert custom took a 6th place but I also heard he claimed 4th in another class too.

This Lady Phase I resculpted the ears and mane on came 5th in a class as well.

The real highlight of the day however was this Peter Stone Palouse to a chestnut, who won her class.

I can't believe I wasn't even aware this show was on, which is unusual for me! It was certainly a nice surprise to see these images.


Saturday, 19 October 2013

Update on Garnet

Not sure if many people can see what I have done to this little sculpture but he certainly is progressing. I have added in more facial structure and it has really helped me see how his overall confirmation is. I have worked on his legs a great deal and he now also has a base so he can stand. His legs all need much more work and he also needs muscling everywhere, he is definitely still very in progress! However, he isn't in such of a sorry state as he has been and I thought I should share an image of his progress.

Little Topaz is in the photo behind him, wanting a bit of attention!!


Thursday, 17 October 2013

Sweet Lullaby Commission

I am in the process of painting a few stablemate scaled resins for a lovely lady and over the weekend I sent her the two that I had managed to complete for her in the summer before I went back to university. She showed me this photo of the Sweet Lullaby resin she took and I think it is such a great picture, so I got permission to share it!

I will finish off the rest of her horses soon along with other commissions that I need to get done and out of the way!

Remember, if you have any photos of models I have painted then do feel free to send them my way.


Tuesday, 15 October 2013

More Hamlet Progress

Amanda of Ymagier Studio recently shared updated photos of her Hamlet model in progress.

He is looking so good, I can't wait to see the final result!

To see more of her work, check out her Facebook page. She is a great artist!


Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Tip Tuesday - white markings

I know for a fact that when I started out customising and painting in the model horse hobby, the one thing you didn't want on your model horses was brushstrokes; the smoother the paintjob, the better as it looked more realistic. I also remember painting and on every model always getting them, and I became at my wits end when I struggled on what to do.

The biggest tip I can provide people with when it comes to painting in acrylics full stop is layers. This goes for base coats, facial markings, general white markings, appaloosa blankets and the like - anything with acrylics! Some people mention that paints need to be the consistency of 'milk'... Personally I feel that milk has the exact same consistency of water, especially the pasturised milk with hardly any fat in! As you can see, I dislike the term greatly... I tend to just say to water it down so it is thinner, but not so thin that the paint gets any paler and so it is almost separated. Lots of trial and error is needed and yes lots of layers will be needed but with the watered down paint, drying time is much quicker and it spreads in a much nicer fashion.

A couple of years ago, I trialled the use of a product called Maskol to see if I could get away with no longer using white paint for markings on my horses. I bought it off eBay.

It started out really well! It smelled a bit (of fish in my opinion) and was a bit weird to paint on; the parts of the model horse you wish to remain white (the colour of your primer) you paint on with the maskol and then you paint your horse as normal.

Afterwards, once all of the paint has dried and you are happy, you start to peel the maskol layer. None of the other paintwork is affected.

I was still yet to peel off the maskol I had placed on the foot there...

This model was a commission to an almost mosaic pattern of bay and leopard spot appaloosa. I used maskol for this one to block out the main white areas. I really enjoyed customising this Breyer, it was a pretty big learning curve and the unusual colour makes her stand out!

I haven't used maskol for a while now, I tend to stick to painting using acrylics. But for all of those people who are willing to try something new, I would highly recommend it. I have no idea what it is like with pastels, but I am assuming it would work in the same way (although pastelling on it might prove somewhat difficult). My main tip if you were to do this and you wanted to use pastels would be to still use an acrylic basecoat. Having said that, if anyone tried this technique and uses pastels, let me know how it goes!

I hope this tip Tuesday proves useful!!


Monday, 7 October 2013

Micro Sculptures Update

I have started another micro sculpture that I want to share with everyone! His name is Garnet and he is a Hackney horse stallion. At the moment his off hind is giving me grief but upon looking at an earlier photo of his armature I took, I STUPIDLY did the wire wrong... So stupid of me.

I think I can get away with it... But I do feel silly, especially as I have been studying horse anatomy and skeletal structures for a couple of years properly now.

Thinking about it, that is quite a scary thought!

Topaz has also come along further since I last shared photos on here, she just needs some tweaking and facial details (such as eyes!) and I will be happy to say she is finished.

People have asked me about potential releases on these mini sculptures. For those interested, yes I do plan on releasing these as little castings and yes I will probably use a pewter casting service. Having done research into it pewter does seem to be the strongest option (talented artist Maggie Bennett has an interesting blog post regarding the differences between standard resin used for artist sculptures and pewter on these inch tall sculptures) but I need to research further on where I could go for these to be cast. I also would want to do my sculptures in batches, so in other words I don't want to release one and then the other... I have a couple more sculpture ideas so when I reach a number of four or five of my micro horses, I will probably go ahead and get them cast. This gives me time to then find a place to do it! I don't want to do it on my own, besides I have a great deal of other things I should be doing!

But thank you everyone for your interest! I am pretty excited about them. :-)


Sunday, 6 October 2013

My BMECS Results

**All photos in this blog post are courtesy of Lynne Howerry-Gale!**

I should probably explain what was going on in that photo yesterday that I posted late at night. It turns out that Pearl, my Sylph resin sculpted by Kitty Cantrell, won his workmanship class and then from there earned me the UK Artist Champion! I am so happy that it happened. I still need to get the trophy engraved but I will sort all of that when I get back.

Lynne did a wonderful job of looking after my models for me, and they certainly travelled in style on the day!

When they left my hands at the UHH back at the very end of August, they were in the scraps of bubble wrap that I could find! I was very limited in what I could use to pack as we were in the process of moving house.

Overall, out of the ten horses Lynne showed, seven placed. Be My Valentine came 6th in his class,

And Wizard of Oz my Matador resin came 3rd!

But what pleases me the most is my Bailadito original model, painted by Deb Brown, earning a 4th place. It feels like such a fine achievement to have one of my original sculptures to place respectably in the biggest show in the UK!

Joey, my Union Jack resin, also did well as he came 3rd.

Another model that Lynne didn't show for me but a lady named Liz (who bought the model from me) was my Totilas custom I did back in the summer. He came third in the class he was shown in (photo taken with permission!).

And I don't have a photo right now, but Sebastian the custom Lonesome Glory I painted and haired also earned a 3rd placing in his class. Here is a normal photo of him to remind you of the stud!

Sabrina, my 'teenage witch' Sadie Shoofly resin, also did me amazingly proud as she came 1st as well.

And, last of all, my Flitwick resin Porsche. He did very well and earned a respectable second place.

I am absolutely THRILLED to pieces with the placings and results my models achieved, it is times like this when I realise how much people like my work and it is such a nice feeling to see my creations being appreciated! Hopefully I will be able to attend in person to BMECS soon. I hope everyone else had a wonderful day, I certainly did (and I wasn't even there!)


Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Hamlet WIP by Amanda Greaves

Amanda Greaves of Ymagier studio has been silently working away on this gorgeous version of Hamlet and showed pictures the other day. With her permission I can show you all on here!

His colouring looks spectacular and I can't wait to see the final result!