Monday, 7 October 2013

Micro Sculptures Update

I have started another micro sculpture that I want to share with everyone! His name is Garnet and he is a Hackney horse stallion. At the moment his off hind is giving me grief but upon looking at an earlier photo of his armature I took, I STUPIDLY did the wire wrong... So stupid of me.

I think I can get away with it... But I do feel silly, especially as I have been studying horse anatomy and skeletal structures for a couple of years properly now.

Thinking about it, that is quite a scary thought!

Topaz has also come along further since I last shared photos on here, she just needs some tweaking and facial details (such as eyes!) and I will be happy to say she is finished.

People have asked me about potential releases on these mini sculptures. For those interested, yes I do plan on releasing these as little castings and yes I will probably use a pewter casting service. Having done research into it pewter does seem to be the strongest option (talented artist Maggie Bennett has an interesting blog post regarding the differences between standard resin used for artist sculptures and pewter on these inch tall sculptures) but I need to research further on where I could go for these to be cast. I also would want to do my sculptures in batches, so in other words I don't want to release one and then the other... I have a couple more sculpture ideas so when I reach a number of four or five of my micro horses, I will probably go ahead and get them cast. This gives me time to then find a place to do it! I don't want to do it on my own, besides I have a great deal of other things I should be doing!

But thank you everyone for your interest! I am pretty excited about them. :-)


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