Sunday, 6 October 2013

My BMECS Results

**All photos in this blog post are courtesy of Lynne Howerry-Gale!**

I should probably explain what was going on in that photo yesterday that I posted late at night. It turns out that Pearl, my Sylph resin sculpted by Kitty Cantrell, won his workmanship class and then from there earned me the UK Artist Champion! I am so happy that it happened. I still need to get the trophy engraved but I will sort all of that when I get back.

Lynne did a wonderful job of looking after my models for me, and they certainly travelled in style on the day!

When they left my hands at the UHH back at the very end of August, they were in the scraps of bubble wrap that I could find! I was very limited in what I could use to pack as we were in the process of moving house.

Overall, out of the ten horses Lynne showed, seven placed. Be My Valentine came 6th in his class,

And Wizard of Oz my Matador resin came 3rd!

But what pleases me the most is my Bailadito original model, painted by Deb Brown, earning a 4th place. It feels like such a fine achievement to have one of my original sculptures to place respectably in the biggest show in the UK!

Joey, my Union Jack resin, also did well as he came 3rd.

Another model that Lynne didn't show for me but a lady named Liz (who bought the model from me) was my Totilas custom I did back in the summer. He came third in the class he was shown in (photo taken with permission!).

And I don't have a photo right now, but Sebastian the custom Lonesome Glory I painted and haired also earned a 3rd placing in his class. Here is a normal photo of him to remind you of the stud!

Sabrina, my 'teenage witch' Sadie Shoofly resin, also did me amazingly proud as she came 1st as well.

And, last of all, my Flitwick resin Porsche. He did very well and earned a respectable second place.

I am absolutely THRILLED to pieces with the placings and results my models achieved, it is times like this when I realise how much people like my work and it is such a nice feeling to see my creations being appreciated! Hopefully I will be able to attend in person to BMECS soon. I hope everyone else had a wonderful day, I certainly did (and I wasn't even there!)