Friday, 25 October 2013

New medallion in progress - winter is coming!

Brace yourselves!

I am cheating a bit with this medallion, I am afraid... The basis of this one I haven't sculpted from scratch as such, I am actually editing a second casting that was produced while I made the Glitz and Glamour medallions for my friend's show back in June for Dementia UK. Only ten were produced and offered in total, but I had a couple of second castings hanging around. I was feeling a bit stressed out yesterday and needed a release of some sort in an artistic way, so I channeled everything with my apoxie and sculpting tools.

It is a terrible picture, I grey-scaled it purely because the original resin form was yellow and my apoxie is grey! But you get the idea. I have added lots of bushy mane and cheek fluff. I also plan on having a base for this one, and adding even more mane perhaps... Although not sure yet!

Still pretty nameless too... Maybe I could hold a competition for that but who knows... One may pop into my head!


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