Monday, 28 October 2013


I was worried these tickets would be delivered to my old house because I moved recently, however they came about half an hour ago and it has made me so excited!

I have been going to Olympia every year since I was about 11 or 12 years of age and it is always so magical for me, espcially because of the time. It is very inspiring watching the showjumpers or the shetland ponies galloping around the ring in the Grand National. I always go for the Puissance night because it is like an exaggerated form of Chase Me Charlie!

But, of course, not forgetting the model horses, hopefully some stalls will be there selling Breyers or Schleich, and I can pick up a couple of things as an early Christmas present to myself perhaps... Hehe!

Not much has been going on in the studio over the past few days, I need to alter my medallion some more before I can start working on it again properly - some bits I need to chop off! I still also need to go over details on the micro minis that I have been sculpting and I also have another sculpture in the works that I haven't actually shown photos of yet... How odd... Remind me to soon! Perhaps when a bit more work has been done to him...



  1. Hi Clare,
    I'm going too!!! I can't remember what date though...
    My next-door neighbour / very good friend is taking me, she will probably be busy looking at real horse stalls, I'll be fixed on the models.
    I don't even know what we're going to see yet, but she does have the tickets!
    Charlotte :D

    1. That is fantastic!! Be sure to take lots of photos. It will be an amazing time, it always gets me excited and in the festive mood. :-)