Friday, 29 November 2013

Cobs... Wordless post!

**Please note that I do not own any of the photos in this particular blog post (apart from the meme generated!!) they remain copyrighted to their original owner(s).**

I was searching through some references this morning just for some inspiration on colours for Horatio. Everyone loves him and it makes me very happy! I got excited and started to search for cob photos online and I found some truly beautiful horses. I thought I would share them here so all of you too could see. Enjoy!


Thursday, 28 November 2013


Some of you might be aware that when I first started sculpting Hamlet, he was going to exist in two versions; a neat, show cob version and then a fluffy, hairy version. Hamlet was a massive success and thank you to everyone that has one, the response to his edition was lovely.

I am not gathering interest for Horatio, his feathered friend. I still need to beef up his tail with more hair and his back two feet need feathering put on, but how do people like him so far?

I am quite excited about him, although if I don't get enough interest then he won't be getting made into his own edition... So do let me know and express interest if you like what you see.


Saturday, 16 November 2013

Gabriel - Nearly Completed Medallion

I gave him the name Gabriel because it is Christmassy related, seeing as I will hopefully be able to cast and sell some copies of this little guy in December-time! He won't be expensive at all (probably around £6) and he is only approximately 6cm long all the way round!

He is meant to be a little fluffy pony in the depths of winter with his rug on, I can really picture him standing there in the countryside as the snow begins to fall around him in the evening.I have received a LOT of wonderful support for him which is truly terrific! Thanks everyone. He did have a base but I got rid of it and I actually prefer him a great deal more.


I will put a little roung hook on the top of him before I cast him as well, so people can use him as a Christmas tree decoration, or I can cut it off and supply him as a normal medallion. I am also thinking about using magnets on the back so he can be fridge mounted?!


Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Prize-winning Hamlet

This is the first live show result I have seen for Hamlet, and it makes me happy to share it with you all! This one is owned by my friend Lynne who attended the Halloweenies Live Show in the UK at the end of October. It is a show for mini models only and, as you could probably guess by the name, happens around Halloween time!

A thank you to Lynne, who is letting me share this image with everyone. :-)

Not too much to update from me unfortunately, due to my university workload at the moment I am doing less and less model horsey things. However, it is paying off since I received a good grade yesterday in a coursework I handed in a month ago, and once I get back home for Christmas I will have MANY Breyer model horse bodies awaiting me for customisation! This is including a Keltec Salinero, Gypsy King, Valentine, Ideal, Bouncer, and a few more.

For some of them I have semi-drastic plans, whereas others will be just repaints. I can't wait to let off some steam with them!

Got to get ready for uni now... At the moment I have labs from 10am until 5pm twice each week for a massive piece of coursework... Eep!


Sunday, 3 November 2013

Tip Tuesday - References!

I can hear you all groaning from here as I type this! Ok, ok, you all must get tired and infuriated every time you hear an artist in their tutorial mention the phrase 'gather references' and even I admit it, no way do I ever use references all the time, every artist is different but I feel that artistic license does come into play sometimes!

References come in very handy for when doing extensive dapples (especially dapple greys) and pinto colours. The colours that you may find difficult are also worth gathering references for; it can prevent the wrong colours being applied to the model and it helps the paintwork and everything stay on track!

Of course, now with the advances of internet and computers, one easy way to gather references is online.

If you see any references you like, simply save them into relevant folders on your computer. Even if you are just browsing the internet and not specifically looking, if you see a picture that you think might come in handy then just save it! I have a mini net book laptop, so sometimes if I find an extensive colour I wish to use as a guide I can easily carry it with me to my studio.

Magazines are also a brilliant way to gather references - it is fun to create collages and they are easier to transport with you. When I was younger I used to always create collages out of images, ranging from my Christmas list to just spending time with my friends cutting out cute animals from magazines we used to read!

Before I continue, a thanks goes out to Liz Hibberd in the UK for these magazines, I did have a collection of horsey mags from years back but I think they all got recycled and I didn't have them anymore... So there is a lesson learnt, keep your magazines for future reference if you want to do art work!

The paper/card I have there is A3 sized and I simply cut out the images I like, and stick them down!

Before you know it, a pretty decent collection of nice patterns that can be used is built up.

References aren't just for colours of horses, though. They can also be for resculpting, certain poses or windswept manes/tails, certain breeds of horse such as Arabians, anything you can think of - even tack!

The way I think about references - if you are sketching something in art, it is proven that artists do a much better job of a lifelike sketch if the object or image is in front of them; without it, they are relying on their conscious thoughts of what they are trying to achieve. If aiming for realism, it is much better and ideal to have what you want to draw right in front of you so you can literally 'copy' what you see, allowing for some artistic license too for shading/highlighting effects and what generally looks more pleasing to the eye on paper. References may not be the most fun topic but I hope I have tried to make it fun and demonstrated that there is a purpose to them. When I frist started out customising and read tutorials online on how to pastel that perfecrt chestnut, or create a stablemate scaled saddle, the artist in question would mention to get lots of references and I had no idea why. Now, especially after getting into sculpture, I know why.

I now have a reference colder I generated from these images and it will now live in my studio space with my other horsey books that I have. I just need to be on the hunt for more magazines now!


Saturday, 2 November 2013

My New Studio

A lot of people are aware that I moved house in September to the south of the UK near Brighton. Consequently, upon returning to university, whenever I have come home I have been unable to paint and complete commissions. Instead, I have been sorting out my room and this weekend I decided to get my studio space sorted out. In the garage in our current house, there is a really nice workspace and a sink (and toilet?!) the lighting is ideal as well. Today I finished setting it all up and thought I should share photos of my new workspace.

The sink is a massive help, beforehand I just had a small cup for water and I got lazy about changing it, with the sink there I have no excuse but to keep everything clean and it will really help with my efficiency.

I decided to keep my reference books out as it makes it so much more handy for me to get them and look through them. They are a mess now, they are covered in spray from my primers but at least they are well used! It is what they are for I guess.

A lot of people know that at this point in time I am trying to gather a lot of Breyer bodies for customising fodder for when I do return home from university and just need to go on a painting spree. My current body collection is shown in this following image. I am pleased I have so many! When I next return home it will be in December and so I will be in the garage most days when I am not working.

This is the toilet... LOL! A body box of mine with yet more (random) supplies and general stuff is currently residing on top of it, I don't think I am going to be using it... Hahaha!

At least now that studio preparation is out of the way, when I do return home I DEFINITELY can paint once more. I am so sorry to all of those waiting on commissions and models from me, I promise that over the Christmas period when I am home I will be working my socks off to get everything done, it isn't that I don't want to do it but more that I just don't have time to go home all the time and paint! Nor the money for all of those train tickets... Lol!

But I will never leave anyone in the dark and if anyone is in the middle of a transaction with me and has any queries, drop me a line... I will be as 100% honest as I possibly can, but I never hide anything from anyone, that just isn't fair.

I hope everyone has been having a great weekend! Back to studying more lecture notes for me...


Friday, 1 November 2013

Err... Did this day actually JUST happen?!

So two MASSIVE events occurred in my life today.

1. I FINALLY got hold of my Breyer Alborozo model!

I don't collect OF models but this guy is a must. I bought him as 'body quality' but he just has two small tiny rubs that I could make disappear. So really I could live show him too! There is only one other OF model I want and that is Breyer's Sato... Much easier (and cheaper!) to get hold of right?!


I am SO excited and pleased that I am making this happen and I have two special ladies to thank for it. I will make it up to them a great deal. I just can't wait to go back to the States, I visited once when I was much younger and now I get to go again. I will try to meet up with friends elsewhere too.

Thanks for letting me share!