Saturday, 16 November 2013

Gabriel - Nearly Completed Medallion

I gave him the name Gabriel because it is Christmassy related, seeing as I will hopefully be able to cast and sell some copies of this little guy in December-time! He won't be expensive at all (probably around £6) and he is only approximately 6cm long all the way round!

He is meant to be a little fluffy pony in the depths of winter with his rug on, I can really picture him standing there in the countryside as the snow begins to fall around him in the evening.I have received a LOT of wonderful support for him which is truly terrific! Thanks everyone. He did have a base but I got rid of it and I actually prefer him a great deal more.


I will put a little roung hook on the top of him before I cast him as well, so people can use him as a Christmas tree decoration, or I can cut it off and supply him as a normal medallion. I am also thinking about using magnets on the back so he can be fridge mounted?!



  1. Oh my word he is so darn cute! And that name is so wonderful, it suits him perfectly. If I could I would have my tree this year coverd in them!

    1. Hahaha! Thank you. :) Casting him should begin next week, I am so excited!