Saturday, 2 November 2013

My New Studio

A lot of people are aware that I moved house in September to the south of the UK near Brighton. Consequently, upon returning to university, whenever I have come home I have been unable to paint and complete commissions. Instead, I have been sorting out my room and this weekend I decided to get my studio space sorted out. In the garage in our current house, there is a really nice workspace and a sink (and toilet?!) the lighting is ideal as well. Today I finished setting it all up and thought I should share photos of my new workspace.

The sink is a massive help, beforehand I just had a small cup for water and I got lazy about changing it, with the sink there I have no excuse but to keep everything clean and it will really help with my efficiency.

I decided to keep my reference books out as it makes it so much more handy for me to get them and look through them. They are a mess now, they are covered in spray from my primers but at least they are well used! It is what they are for I guess.

A lot of people know that at this point in time I am trying to gather a lot of Breyer bodies for customising fodder for when I do return home from university and just need to go on a painting spree. My current body collection is shown in this following image. I am pleased I have so many! When I next return home it will be in December and so I will be in the garage most days when I am not working.

This is the toilet... LOL! A body box of mine with yet more (random) supplies and general stuff is currently residing on top of it, I don't think I am going to be using it... Hahaha!

At least now that studio preparation is out of the way, when I do return home I DEFINITELY can paint once more. I am so sorry to all of those waiting on commissions and models from me, I promise that over the Christmas period when I am home I will be working my socks off to get everything done, it isn't that I don't want to do it but more that I just don't have time to go home all the time and paint! Nor the money for all of those train tickets... Lol!

But I will never leave anyone in the dark and if anyone is in the middle of a transaction with me and has any queries, drop me a line... I will be as 100% honest as I possibly can, but I never hide anything from anyone, that just isn't fair.

I hope everyone has been having a great weekend! Back to studying more lecture notes for me...


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