Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Prize-winning Hamlet

This is the first live show result I have seen for Hamlet, and it makes me happy to share it with you all! This one is owned by my friend Lynne who attended the Halloweenies Live Show in the UK at the end of October. It is a show for mini models only and, as you could probably guess by the name, happens around Halloween time!

A thank you to Lynne, who is letting me share this image with everyone. :-)

Not too much to update from me unfortunately, due to my university workload at the moment I am doing less and less model horsey things. However, it is paying off since I received a good grade yesterday in a coursework I handed in a month ago, and once I get back home for Christmas I will have MANY Breyer model horse bodies awaiting me for customisation! This is including a Keltec Salinero, Gypsy King, Valentine, Ideal, Bouncer, and a few more.

For some of them I have semi-drastic plans, whereas others will be just repaints. I can't wait to let off some steam with them!

Got to get ready for uni now... At the moment I have labs from 10am until 5pm twice each week for a massive piece of coursework... Eep!


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