Monday, 30 December 2013

More Dilute Models

After the two Palomino models I just painted I was on a roll for the dilute colours! Another Hamlet I painted was finished, who was done to a sooty buckskin. I am happy with the colouring and my confidence has just increased more and more with these colours. I used to find them difficult but now I have them nailed!

That Hamlet is a commission for a good friend of mine and she likes him, which is good news! If not, I would be more than happy to keep him.

The other two dilute models are Kelly's Albert and Victoria... Ok, so not complete full horse models exactly, but two beautiful medallions nonetheless. I started painting these back in November or so and finished them yesterday. Their manes and white markings are not just flat white, there are lots of pinking undertones and straw-like colours in the hairs too. It is a shame my camera didn't get their colours 100% accurate.

If anyone is thinking about getting this pair, do not hesitate. I bought an unpainted white resin copy just for the intentions of painting them although I was tempted by the many different colours available to have them cast in. I wanted to be artistic with their tobiano patches and their facial markings match up a bit like a love heart too, just like the overall piece when you put them together.

I have one more horse in progress, its the Breyer Marabella model to a dun colour. I still need to (obviously) finish the tail up and the markings. She still lacks a dorsal stripe and other possible ermine markings but she will end up having some. For the time being I am just happy with how her shading turned out, which yet again sadly isn't too well captured in this image...

Anyway, more photos will come once she is done.

Right, I need to stop blogging and pop some horses in the post for some people!! I am not sure when I will be able to blog again over the next few days because after New Year I am going on a small holiday to visit friends and then it is straight back to university, where I have to sit a dreaded exam that I have been revising for... Boo hoo! But the GOOD news is that Horatio will SOON be available to order, so that is exciting!

So, if I am unable to post on here, I wish everyone a very Happy New Year, thank you for the support in 2013 and bring on 2014!!!


Saturday, 28 December 2013

Two Palominos

My confidence is really soaring in these dilute colours, and I am glad - they are one of my favourite horsey colours to paint! Very unique in their shades and palomino horses in particular I adore the most.

This Paso model was the first to be finished. The dapples really jazz up the coat and I love the long, wavy mane and tail. In fact I love this model! I did say I was rather fond of the older Breyers...

He will be featured in my next Tip Tuesday which I need to write, which will hopefully be out on December 31st (in between revision for my exam in January!) so keep checking back for that...

This Hamlet was the other to be finished. He is a commission piece and will be sent off to his new owner on Monday.

I have another in buckskin that is to soon me finished as well...


Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year! A massive THANK YOU for your support throughout 2013!

To celebrate, I am offering 10% off my full horse sculptures (Bailadito and Hamlet, the medallions including Gabriel are not included in this, sorry!) just contact me via my website or email ( for prices. This will run only until December 31st 2013.

Enjoy the rest of the day!


Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Monday, 23 December 2013

Olympia 2013

Olympia, the London International Horse Show, is a show held in Kensington in the UK every year that I have been to since the age of 11. I was lucky enough to go twice this year; on Monday for the Gala Night of Andalusians and again on Thursday for the Puissance.

The Andalusians on the first night were beautiful, everyone knows they are my favourite breed and to see them in action was lovely.

Some of their horses were wonderful colours, there were two rose grey horses and it was a real joy to see them perform the Haute Ecole.

The Puissance was as exciting as ever! At first it looked as if it would be over in a couple of rounds however the wall did end up going to a grand height of 2m18. I was also pleased with my camera as I have finally been able to get non-blurry shots from Olympia as a whole, I usually really struggle with the lighting in there and my shots do not end up clear. This time round, though, you can actually make out the shape of the horse as it goes over the jump!

The winning jump, by an Italian rider and his very talented horse, is below. He definitely could have jumped higher!He got a little carrot at the end as well as a reward, which was very sweet!

Olympia always brings me into the Christmas spirit. I cannot believe that there are only two more sleeps to go! I hope Santa brings all of my supporters what they wished for this year.


Friday, 20 December 2013

Breyer Custom Foal

This is my first completed repaint in a while now. With everything going up in arms (moving house again, returning to university, and the weather when I DID return home) I really struggled to get into the studio and paint. But now it is the Christmas holidays, in between working for a January exam I am painting and catching up on commission pieces, as well as Gabriel orders! (he is still available to order, by the way, along with my other sculptures, by clicking here!).

This is the first custom I have completed, Breyer's Traditional Scratching Foal model. He has been with me for a while, I started him in oils and ended up airbrushing him, and gave him a blanket on his rump. He came to me in his OF form with a blanket so I feel it is nice to 'improve' the model as such as that is what customising is all about! I am especially pleased with the liver flaxen chestnut colour, I haven't done one of those in a while.

I think people would be put off this little rascal because he is an older mould, I know that I was when I first got offered him as a body along with other horses currently in my studio. It turns out, however, that many of the older moulds have much more charm than the newer ones in my opinion, and it brings out so much more character! Conformation-wise he is also very good and his cheeky attitude makes me want to hold onto him and have him in my collection...

May I add, this chap is rather photogenic!

Wouldn't mind another one to paint!

I have other customs coming up to show, including some Schleich, many Breyer traditional models and of course the commissions that I am working on over the Christmas period, including this palomino Hamlet in progress.

I say this about all of my sculptures when I say they look good in a colour, but I really, really like the way this Hamlet is turning out. I hope his owner does too. I don't usually like sharing photos like this before the owner's approval but couldn't resist! He is being painted alongside another Hamlet that will be buckskin and this Breyer Paso model that is to be a dappled palomino. The photo is awful and it makes the dapples look terrible, but just details to go and he will be done. This is another one of those models where I was put off by the age of it but actually, it is a nice piece!

And before I finish this blog post, I apologise for the mess in my room and the paint on my hands in those last two images! I haven't had time to tidy since moving house and the paint on my hands is just a sign of an artist hard at work. ;o)


Monday, 16 December 2013

Painted Bailadito resins

Dorn painted this Bailadito resin as a perlino and it really suits the model. Extra forelock was also added and he looks so dramatic!

Thank you, Dorn, for bringing him to life!

This palomino here was painted by Anne Healion, another talented UK artist.

Bailadito really suits so many colours and it is nice to see him painted by all of these different artists! Such wonderful talent we have in the UK. :o)


Thursday, 12 December 2013

Thursday's Inspiration - Valentine CM

I have this in mind for my Breyer Valentine body that I have acquired...

I have lots of other Breyers too that need clothes, including a Keltec Salinero (thinking leopard spot appaloosa?) and a Lonesome Glory?!


Monday, 9 December 2013

Gabriel is casting!

Gabriel is currently being cast and is available to order in unpainted resin through my website by clicking here.

He is £6 for one, £10 for two and £13 for three and all prices include worldwide postage. He can also be bought either with a loop attached or without, so he can be hung up as a decoration!

Perfect little present in time for Christmas. :-)

Thanks to everyone who has ordered one so far!


Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Tip Tuesday - Stripping Paint

This can be a very tedious task and a lot of people avoid doing it because if not done properly it can ruin the finish of the model. However, avoiding this step if the paint has been applied thickly can cause the model itself to lose vital details, such as the eyes and not just muscle tone! There are many ways to strip and I am by no means an expert (I HATE stripping but I think I have finally found a method that works now) but I use this paint stripper that I believe I bought in UK's Homebase store last year or so.

I use a toothbrush and apply it to the model, leave it for a couple of minutes or so and then I start scrubbing! It can be quite therapeutic if a horse you have has paint it really needs to get off!

However, I must advise, I wouldn't leave it on for more than 30 minutes or so. I had a mini resin kept in a sandwich bag with this stuff for a couple of hours and the stripper got into the plastic of the model, and I could physically scrape away the resin with my fingernail! it was scary... I left the model to 'dry' but it was never the same again. So don't do that! Live off experience. At least I know now!

This model I am in the middle of stripping at the moment, it is a Peter Stone ISH and is a commission piece. Please excuse his head not being present! The primer on this model has actually been applied very thickly and I am having difficulty with getting it off, I just need some more elbow grease! :-)

I used to hate stripping horses, I could never do it... When I first got into the hobby, I heard rumours about nail varnish working a treat for stripping horses, and yes I used it. But I would not recommend it at all! The acetone eats away plastic in a much more aggressive manner, and all the details can disappear and be less visible than with the paint on in the first place!

Other hobbyists I know also use oven cleaners to get rid of the paints on their models. I personally have never used this method and so can't comment, but I have heard it works a treat and maybe if I know of a tutorial or images somewhere that someone has done online, I could seek permission to share it on here with everyone.

I hope this Tip Tuesday was useful, I certainly remember when I first joined the hobby that stripping was a very daunting process. I have come all this way in the hobby through self teaching, trial, error and constructive criticism from other helpful people. I hope that what I have learnt and what I put into these posts is useful for everyone!