Friday, 20 December 2013

Breyer Custom Foal

This is my first completed repaint in a while now. With everything going up in arms (moving house again, returning to university, and the weather when I DID return home) I really struggled to get into the studio and paint. But now it is the Christmas holidays, in between working for a January exam I am painting and catching up on commission pieces, as well as Gabriel orders! (he is still available to order, by the way, along with my other sculptures, by clicking here!).

This is the first custom I have completed, Breyer's Traditional Scratching Foal model. He has been with me for a while, I started him in oils and ended up airbrushing him, and gave him a blanket on his rump. He came to me in his OF form with a blanket so I feel it is nice to 'improve' the model as such as that is what customising is all about! I am especially pleased with the liver flaxen chestnut colour, I haven't done one of those in a while.

I think people would be put off this little rascal because he is an older mould, I know that I was when I first got offered him as a body along with other horses currently in my studio. It turns out, however, that many of the older moulds have much more charm than the newer ones in my opinion, and it brings out so much more character! Conformation-wise he is also very good and his cheeky attitude makes me want to hold onto him and have him in my collection...

May I add, this chap is rather photogenic!

Wouldn't mind another one to paint!

I have other customs coming up to show, including some Schleich, many Breyer traditional models and of course the commissions that I am working on over the Christmas period, including this palomino Hamlet in progress.

I say this about all of my sculptures when I say they look good in a colour, but I really, really like the way this Hamlet is turning out. I hope his owner does too. I don't usually like sharing photos like this before the owner's approval but couldn't resist! He is being painted alongside another Hamlet that will be buckskin and this Breyer Paso model that is to be a dappled palomino. The photo is awful and it makes the dapples look terrible, but just details to go and he will be done. This is another one of those models where I was put off by the age of it but actually, it is a nice piece!

And before I finish this blog post, I apologise for the mess in my room and the paint on my hands in those last two images! I haven't had time to tidy since moving house and the paint on my hands is just a sign of an artist hard at work. ;o)


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